Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Doorman pissed at Con Ed (again!)

Pull plug on Con Ed river site, pol says

Con Edison should sell off its pricey waterfront property that's used mainly as a parking lot before jacking up rates even higher, a city councilman said Sunday.

The 11 acres of Con Ed land along the East River in Queens offer eye-popping views of Manhattan and is valued at about $500 million, according to City Councilman Eric Gioia, a Queens Democrat.

"They're a bloated monopoly," Gioia said, that is "fleecing its ratepayers."

The bulk of the Long Island City property is used as a parking lot for the Con Ed Learning Center, a training and office building on Vernon Blvd.

"Con Ed should start by selling off some of the most expensive land in the city, saving its company property taxes, and not continuing to balance its budget on the backs of hardworking New Yorkers," Gioia said.

Last month, Con Ed customers were sacked with a 4.7% monthly increase.

Six weeks later, Con Ed asked the Public Service Commission to okay one of two plans for even higher rates.

Con Ed spokesman Michael Clendenin said the waterfront property contains an "essential facility that we use to train our men and women."


Anonymous said...

Not only is the Public Service Commission going to approve higher rates, but it has managed to get bills introduced into the Senate and Assembly allowing the PSC to mandate Time of Use metering, just as they did in 1992. The rates were triple normal rates, and in 1996 the PSC was prohibited from mandating this type of metering. Now they are going to come at us New Yorkers once more with back-breaking charges for electric, and once those "Smart" meters are in your home, you have no recourse. In addition, they will be able to keep tabs on the activity within your home 24/7, due to the meters which are being installed, since they relay back to the Utility exactly what you are using in energy and when.

Talk to your Legislators about killing this bill.

Anonymous said...

All of that "fleecing" and tweeding
Con Ed learned from the "doorman" and his clubhouse pals!

Gioia supported over development
to begin with and the blackouts that followed.

Now the consumers will pay for it.

Hell, what are constituents for anyway Eric.....to "elect" crooks
and get bum-f----d twice a week and once on Sundays!

Anonymous said...

Translation: "We need more condos on the waterfront. I know a few developers who would love to get their hands on thst property!"

Taxpayer said...

Gioia knows about fleecing. He sold his vote for slush fund money from Quinn and the Commissar to rip off drivers who even pass through Manhattan.

So, Queens citizens were betrayed by this knife in the back sleaze to please Manhattanites.

Yeah, he's worried about Con Ed fleecing users. He's looking to extort Con Ed for his silence.

One more opportunity to screw the taxpayers who make his idle lifestyle possible.

CntrySigns said...

I doubt that learning facility will go any where. The electrical unions use the facility for training. As far as I know if that had to move workers would have to go out of town for the training which would cost more money and more man hours.

a dumb clubhouse voter said...

I like to see something in a nice herringbone "TWEED"!

Anonymous said...

I agree the parking lot is a waste. something nice could go there. No one else except a bloated agency like ConEd could justify leaving such prime real estate vacant.

Anonymous said...

I agree the parking lot is a waste. something nice could go there. No one else except a bloated agency like ConEd could justify leaving such prime real estate vacant.


Um, bloated? Mr Parkside, this is a public utilty that is regulated by your clients, the polticians.

Everyone knows they take the fall for overdevelopment because if they play along, the overdevelopment means MORE REVENUE!!!!

As to the space, how about a public park for the community you assh*le.