Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Former L.I. Building Inspector Indicted

SMITHTOWN, N.Y. (AP) -- A former Long Island building inspector is accused of taking bribes from developers.

Suffolk County District Attorney Thomas Spota says former Smithtown chief inspector Robert Bonerba is part of a broadening investigation. He held the position from 1988 until retiring last year.

Bonerba was arraigned Tuesday on a 42-count indictment that includes bribery, coercion and conspiracy.

The DA says the alleged bribes were designed to speed up inspections and to improperly obtain certificates of occupancy and other building approvals.

Bonerba's lawyer says his client was a ``diligent, hardworking and reliable'' inspector. Attorney Anthony M. La Pinta says he is conducting his own probe into the allegations.

Bonerba faces more than 20 years in prison if convicted.

Photo from Daily News


Taxpayer said...

"Bonerba's lawyer says his client was a ``diligent, hardworking and reliable'' inspector."

"Reliable". Yes, the lawyer is likely correct on that.

But, who considered him as "reliable"?

On that question, acquittal or conviction relies.

-Joe said...

This corruption is also North Hempstead. The politicians and inspectors have construction businesses on the side.
When the sh*t hit the fan the town supervisor then decided to “re-model” 200 year old town hall tossing computers, destroying hard rives, old filing cabinets, maps and toss a $5million cost at taxpayers. This was done in August when most people were on vacation.

The town appointed crooks who were arrested raked in millions on the side, kept their pensions by keeping their mouth shut, paid a small fine and just got probation.

...All Democrates BTW, they want every inch of space on the taxroll. Great Neck and Manhasset is starting to look like Rego Park.

Bubba said...

let him rot.