Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Queens of the 1930s

A look at New York's Queens Boulevard in the 1930s, via its long-gone trolley tracks

Queens of the Thirties


Anonymous said...

There is no reason why we cannot re-introduce trollys in an electric powered version today. They can extend into outlying Queens areas and are cleaner, quieter and less costly infrastructure to finance. Old ideas made new in an updated form -let's think out of the box - trollys were popular then and can be even more effective today.

Anonymous said...

Trolleys look efficient, but there is one major drawback- they are confined to their rails.

Today's buses are more effective than trolleys because they can navigate around traffic jams and accidents, while trolleys are stuck on their tracks.

Thus, our city should continue to promote hybrid electric bsues, and dedicate bus lanes for their use.

Taxpayer said...

As great as they were, trolleys probably cannot be brought back.

But, what was done in San Jose in the 1970s can be done here: Alternate streets were converted to 1-way. Busses only traveled on 1-way streets in the opposite direction.

It took a very stupid driver to use the bus lane. Busses had absolute right-of-way. Both auto and bus traffic flowed smoothly with little congestion.

Anonymous said...

You can still find tracks in Ridgewood under the El from Farmers Oval to Wycoff and Palmeto.
If it werent for fences and streets you could almost walk a mile straight on them.

As crazy kids we did a lot of "Exploring" along all those tracks.

Ridgewood and Middle Villiage was such a great "un-messed with" place in the 60's -70's.
No I go there and get lost it lost so different.
Even some of the street names and 2 way streets have been changed.
Traffic is horrible !

love old trolleys said...

OK folks - take another look at the photo, and tell me what's missing? PEOPLE, that what! In today's world, there are just too many. I honestly don't know if buses, trolleys, trams etc can ever solve our transportation problems if we don't get our population under control. The two biggest problems: illegal immigration, and those who "can't feed 'em, but I'll still breed 'em". Nothing racial meant here, all races and colors are guilty of adding to the population, but adding nothing to the betterment of society. We would all like better infrastructure and better transportation, but it ain't gonna happen in my lifetime.

Anonymous said...

If they enforced our immigration laws and booted the 30 Million and its offspring that came here there would be no population & hospitals going bankrupt problem.

No politician dare do it...they see these people as the future voting base.
Kennedys immigration act of 1965 lit the Fuse of suicide for this country.

Why is it always always Massachusetts and California that bring us the worst in bleeding heart sh*ts !!

Anonymous said...

Kennedys immigration act of 1965 lit the Fuse of suicide for this country

Absolutely correct. You know you're history. Kudos.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, If this guy McCain gets is office were really screwed.
The guys already planning meetings with La Raza on July 14.
McCain want's to merge Mexico and Central America with the United States.

All these canditates totally suck !!

daniel said...

You realize, the two of you sound like racists