Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Benepe lying about trees dying

O.K. So two generous guys named Bloomberg and Rockefeller pledge $10 million between them to plant about 18,300 street trees under the Million Trees NYC initiative. What do you plant? And where?

First, the where. New York City Housing Authority developments will get about 10,700 trees. Playgrounds and school properties will get about 5,600. And other public lands will get about 2,000.

Let 28,300 trees bloom

But wait a minute! Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe plans to do a little subtraction...

Last week, ONE DAY after Commissioner Benepe asserted to me that 14 trees at Union Square would have to come down no matter what because they are “dying,” the City presented in Court legal documents which state of the five “mature” Siberian Elms: “it is likely that two of those five would be removed in the near future for public safety reasons.” Likely. Not definitively. Two trees. Not all.

To NYC Parks Commissioner Benepe: This tree at Union Square Park is not “dying”


Taxpayer said...

When has either Benepe or the Commissar told the truth to the people who pay the bills?

"Will Parks Commissioner Benepe and Mayor Bloomberg ever reverse course and work with the truth and with communities?"

Not until compelled via a Summary Judicial Inquiry under Section 1109 of the NYC Charter - as is being done with Quinn and the City Council.

Are there 5 citizen taxpayers reading this Blog? Count me as 1, so only 4 others are needed. Five signatures on a petition and the Inquiry is underway!

Anonymous said...

Hi Taxpayer, I am the original blogger. That's interesting. I'll have to look that up. With Quinn, et al., a lawyer is handling all the work I believe. Is a lawyer needed?


Taxpayer said...


I would think a lawyer is required. Any attorney reading this Blog? Would you please offer an opinion? Free?

But, it looks (to me) as though once the petition to convene the Summary Judicial Inquiry (section 1109) has been filed, the avalanche is unstoppable.

I have the filing against Quinn by Norman Siegel, and it contains portions of Section 1109, but, I cannot find the section itself on the Internet.

Any help there would be great.

Anonymous said...

Mayor Bum-berg would make a nice X-mas tree angel with three feet of that nice spruce shoved up his ass!