Saturday, May 3, 2008

Doorman still crying over food stamps

Hey Eric, quit bitching. Food stamps are not supposed to be a person's sole source of income for food. That's why it's only a few dollars a month. Now stop the tweeding and get back to work.


Anonymous said...

Remember, the doorman is not running for his community (what community is left?) but for his career.

That is why he is MIA when it comes to Hunters Point and Dutch Kills which are getting destroyed, but involved in food stamps.

He is positioning himself for the next career step. Knowing that his constituents are passive, and the press is a lapdog, he can do this in plain sight full of confidence that his resume is being built as his community is being wiped off the map.

I want to be a NYC politician. Don't you?

Anonymous said...

The most dangerous place in the city is not East New York or at the end of a scalpel in one of those unlicensed medical mills in Jackson Heights. No, this honor is reserved for the space between Gioia and a news camera. Pass through that corridor at you're own peril.

Taxpayer said...

Gioia betrays the constituents by voting for the congestion tax, which would have cost even users of food stamps about $160 per month. (Hint, doorman: That's enough for a lot of groceries).

He wouldn't tell the taxpaying voters that the tax to travel to Manhattan would have easily tripled to $480 per month within a year. That comes to $5,760 per year. Now, that's grocery money to feast on.

No, this traitor doesn't care about ripping off everybody - even the minimum wagers - as long as he can stick his head up the Commissar's ass to perform a colonic.

Then he can turn around and pander to those same minimum wagers to pretend he "feels their pain" about how few groceries can be purchased with taxpayer supplied food stamps.

The only pain he feels is when the Commissar passes feculent gas.