Saturday, May 3, 2008

Slush fund inquiry

NEW YORK (WABC) -- Eight taxpayers have asked for a state court inquiry into the use of so-called slush funds by the New York City Council.

The petitioners say officials undermined public confidence in government by creating fictitious groups and having public money allocated for them in the city budget.

Manhattan court papers say the practice is illegal and has cast a shadow over the City Council. They want to know when it started, who started it, who participated and who knew about it, and where the money went.

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, who's considered a likely mayoral candidate next year, has said the council appropriated some $17.4 million since 2001 to groups that did not exist.

But wait, there's more!

...activist attorney Norman Siegel, a candidate for public advocate, filed a motion in Manhattan Supreme Court under a provision dating back to the Boss Tweed era of the 1870s requesting a judicial hearing in the phantom accounts.

"New Yorkers need a public airing of the facts surrounding this practice," Siegel said in court papers.

"When did it start? Who started it? Who participated in the practice? Who knew about the practice? Who made up the fictitious names?"

How appropriate that a Boss Tweed-era provision may blow the lid off the entire thing!


Anonymous said...

Even more ironic since this is a major source of tweeding programs.

This is how the tweeded are created: your and my tax money.

Let me restate this: money taken that should go to your family but you have to pay out in taxes for services that don't even help you.

Anonymous said...

You forgot to add services that help the politicians get elected and their cohorts to MAKE MONEY!!

(all blissfully ignored by the press who are passive observsers in this little scheme as they make money on ad revenue$ from politicos and real estate)

Anonymous said...

Check out who your State reps are doling out their slush to. Both Assembly & Senate for 2008-2009 are on the web.

Anonymous said...

At least I know my former councilman, mr. gallagher, will not be implicated in any of this. That guy NEVER brought one damn penny into the community. His policy of being a potted plant elected representitive will allow him to avoid being tarnished any further.

Connie R said...

The investigation should go back to when Ed Sadowsky, the Flushing Councilman and Donny Manes' buddy, was the chair of the Council's Finance Committee. Manes started several of these bogus organizations including HYFIN (Help Your Friends In Need). Fast Eddie Sadowsky left office just before the Manes PVB and other scandals surfaced. I never trusted these crooks.

Anonymous said...

"At least I know my former councilman, mr. gallagher, will not be implicated in any of this. That guy NEVER brought one damn penny into the community."

Just because Gallagher did nothing for the community doesn't mean he didn't spread his share of cash around. Didn't he fund a civic association run by his incompetent cronies? Didn't he get Melinda Katz to fund it too? What did that civic do with the money? What did that civic do for the community other than hand out some of his phoney proclamations to protest a halfway house that had already closed?

Hopefully this is being investigated.

Anonymous said...

I've known about it starting with Vallone,Sr. and Guillani.

Taxpayer said...

I'm not certain which Gallagher is be referred to.

Is there a Gallagher who raped a defenseless woman?

Is there a Gallagher who Pled guilty to rape?

Is there another Gallagher who said he would be vindicated?

Anonymous said...

Yes indeed Connie!

What about the dubious
"Downtown Flushing Development
Corporation" that was one of Manes' babies.

Why not subpoena grand dame
Myra Baird Herce since she ran it? I'm sure she knows plenty !

By the way, is there any truth to the story that thousands of dollars remained "unaccounted" for
when the DFDC was eventually
laid down ?

H-m-m-m-m-m !!!