Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Como and Crowley rally together

Anthony Como and Elizabeth Crowley just happened to both show up at a staged protest that no one but a handful of locals, and apparently press, knew about. So is anyone else out there starting to think that this upcoming special election is a complete joke? Anthony Como is rumored to be serving as Serf Maltese's sacrificial lamb because his boss worked out a deal with Joe Crowley to give Dizzy Lizzy the seat.

Oh and by the way, Lizzy's campaign is being run by the Parkside Group, which employs some of Dennis Gallagher's best friends. This explains why voters recently received an anonymous hate letter attacking another candidate, Charles Ober, for his sexual orientation.


Anonymous said...

Crowley and Como can't even keep straight faces.

Please tell me people in this district are not deaf, dumb and blind. If not, the answer is simple:


Anonymous said...

Nice touch having the nerdy guy holding the Crowley For City Council sign. Real smooth Lizzy. Como's dopey sh*t eating grin was ridiculous. Judging from the low energy of this "rally" I might have to show my support and have a beer at HUSH. But I'll be quiet as I'm drinking it.

Anonymous said...

Yep, Dumb and Dumber!!!