Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Woodside mystery building

This building at 68-03 41st Avenue in Woodside is a mystery, since I can't seem to find out how many units are in it. I do know that it used to be a 2-family house. The latest C of O on the website under this address actually links to a garage in Glendale. Well, let's not sweat the small stuff, since it's more than obvious that this is one gigantic piece of Queens Crap.

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Jon said...

The ground floor is a dentist's office. Otherwise, the only thing I know is that they're ridiculously strict about towing cars that park anywhere near their front gate (which is not marked in any special way, and is indeed the spot where the curb STOPS being yellow after the driveway). I used to see cars getting towed from around this building all the time, when I still cared enough to look, at a rate that could only have been produced by individual calls to the police from building occupants. Since "no parking" signs are cheap and abundant in Woodside, I can only conclude that the dentist enjoys sending cars to Brooklyn impound lot purgatory.