Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Papa Vallone: "Be my boy's Shindig Maker!"

Peter Vallone, Sr. is selling one of his spare sons!

Socialite $2750.
Shindig Maker $1,000.
Partier $500.
Social Butterfly $250.
Promoter $150.
Toupee Fitter $50

(Ok, I got a little creative and added the last one...)

The Vallone Empire Branches Out

Well, Bayside, it looks like the Vallone experience is headed your way. Why should Western Queens have a monopoly on them?


broadway baby said...

That scurvy "chrome dome"
lives just a couple of blocks
from me.

He, apparently, moved in to comply with the Board of Elections requirement for residency.

As soon as he's made his bones off my hood, he'll, no doubt, move on.

I'd better consider moving on myself before over development
creeps in at the other "junior" Vallone's behest!

Anonymous said...

CB1 the community board from hell.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I do hope he gets in. Then, instead of spot zoning, eastern Queens will wake up and realize the only way we win is to work together - for downzoning all of Queens.

Just give 'em a taste of whats in store for them, and they will come howling into our arms.

Terms limits are great!

Anonymous said...

We eastern Queens folks have worked for you and with you many times in the past (i.e. Norwood Gardens old boy).

It's YOU lazy ass Astorian
that NEVER shows up for us!

Too far to travel?

Help works both ways bub!