Monday, May 5, 2008

Brian and Lizzy sittin' in a tree...

I thought this would interest you. The press and those eager to endorse Elizabeth Crowley seem to have very short memories with regards to her immoral and deceitful history with married corrupt men, especially Brian McLaughlin. Maybe Queens Crap can remind everyone about her lack of values, judgement and ethics. She is not someone I wish to see elected in Queens, but sadly seems well on her way to getting paid taxpayer money to replace yet another person who lacks values and virtue. - anonymous

And check this classy Craigslist invitation out:

Please Join

The Committee to elect


At a Campaign Kick-Off FIESTA!!!!

A Cinco de Mayo Celebration

Special Guest:
Hon. ADOLFO CARRION, Bronx Borough President

Hosted by:

Ricardo Bellido- Juan Carlos Bellido- Maria Castro

Miguelina's Restaurant
63-20 Woodhaven Blvd.
Off 63rd. Road in Woodhaven, Queens, New York

Monday, May 5th, 2008
6:00pm to 9:00pm

Friend: $20 - Sponsor: $100 - Benefactor: $300 - Padrino: $ 1,000

Please make checks payable to:
Elizabeth Crowley for City Council
c/o The Esler Group
420 Lexington, Suite 555
New York, NY 10170

Seems like Lizzy has to import politicians from the Bronx because none of the ones from Queens wants to be seen with her. Also, Miguelina's is in Rego Park, not Woodhaven. But you wouldn't expect a council candidate to know what's in the district and what's not. And it looks like the Doorman's wife is doing the fundraising because the Machine is one big, happy family. We'll break down Liz's bio tomorrow.

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Taxpayer said...

These demands that Crowley have some intelligence are getting ridiculous.

It isn't her responsibility to know the council district boundaries and neighborhoods.

The most critical requirement that she must meet is that she can hold a pen and write checks to those favored by her cousin.

And, she is permitted to hold the pen with both hands. Children do that and we think it's cute, so she can too.

It's only a part-time job, and, when she's not working really, really hard, she can dally with those men who will guide her in how to vote, spend and make appearances.

She can also use some of that free time to work on those hips and learn to wear a dress. She looks too much like Hillary. And her voice .... Wo! That voice. It can be used to sandpaper old paint from a wall. Oh, yeah! That's what she was doing in the painter's union. So she is useful, after all.