Monday, May 5, 2008

5 agencies make too much to face budget cuts

From Kirsten Danis at the Daily News:

"Everything that the city does is important, and we can't sit here and say one thing is more important than another. Everybody's going to share the pain," Mayor Bloomberg said in March about his budget cuts.

Not quite everybody.

Five agencies - Buildings, Consumer Affairs, City Clerk, the Taxi and Limousine Commission and the Landmarks Preservation Commission - avoided several rounds of cuts ordered up by the mayor earlier this year to gird the city for tough times ahead.

That's because they generate cash through fees and fines. If cuts are too deep and the departments start churning more revenue than they spend, the fees can be considered illegal taxes - and leave the city open to being sued.

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Taxpayer said...

There's the Commissar's obsession at work: Tax and control.

What has this Bolshevik accomplished since he was originally elected?

Name any improvement to the city. What imaginative change has occurred?

Keep in mind this man's history: 58 (and counting) women who were employed by Bloomberg and had the audacity to become pregnant, were harassed and ordered to "Kill it", so the child wouldn't interfere with profitability.

This is the same control freak mentality that he brings to managing city agencies.