Thursday, May 15, 2008

Bloomberg develops amnesia

Bloomberg: What Exchange?


Anonymous said...

Even Bloomie's sidekick is chuckling.

Anonymous said...

That's Adrian Benepe, the Parks Commissioner.

Anonymous said...

Me thinks thar Queens Crap, other blogs, and You Tube are making them nuts.

Makes it hard to hide or coverup.


Anonymous said...


Bloomberg forgot about Queens as soon as he had our votes securely
in his pocket!

The super rich have been always
afforded the additional luxury of being permitted to have "selective memory".

It's part of their eccentric

Can I put in a grant for some of that sweet slush fund money?
I need it to offset my heating bills this winter!

Anonymous said...


There's no escaping
"Queens Crap"....on the job making embarrassing moments for crooked pols 24/7/365!

Have a sound sleep tonight
Mayor Midget!

Anonymous said...

Yep.....the peoples' new weapon!

Smile your're on "Queens Crap" and "You Tube"!

Better always carry your make-up kit with you Ms. Quinn...'cause you better be ready for your close-up!

A-hem.....and don't you fall asleep
C.M.'re on their radar!

Don't ya just love it.
The pols can't control us like they do the weekly press!

Taxpayer said...

"'Maintain' is a word I don't think is appropriate, sir. Next time you have a question, you want to insinuate that I lie, just talk to the press secretary."

Here, Turtle Faced Midget: No insinuation: You are a Liar! You are a Thieving Liar. A Cowardly Liar.

You arrogantly won't answer a simple question regarding your hatred of the police? You are a Liar.

See? No need for a press secretary!