Thursday, May 15, 2008

New Law: Contractors to Prove Workers are Legal

From Newsday:

A new law has been passed requiring all of Suffolk County's 17,000 licensed contractors to prove their workers are in the United States legally.

Critics claim the legislation - passed by the county Legislature Tuesday night - is aimed at thousands of undocumented workers.

The proposal builds on legislation enacted in 2006 that requires any company doing business with the Suffolk County government to verify its employees are in the United States legally. Now every contractor, regardless of whether they have government contracts, will need to verify workers' status.

Opponents have threatened lawsuits.


Anonymous said...

For some reason I have to show a license every time I buy a beer. I have to prove citizenship every time I apply for a job. If a cop pulls me over, I have to show my license, reggie and insurance card. How dare they subject an illegal imm..., er, uh, undocumented worker to such treatment.

God bless this sanctuary city and the undocumented worker who crashed into my wife's car. Cops said 'good luck' if you thought he was going to show up in court. And, of course, they couldnt look into his immigration status.

Thanks Bloomie!!!

Anonymous said...

I hope every county is bold enough to follow Suffolk's lead.

Taxpayer said...

"Critics claim the legislation - passed by the county Legislature Tuesday night - is aimed at thousands of undocumented workers."

What the hell is an "undocumented worker"?

The phrase is used as a lie. The reality is those referred to as "undocumented" are, in fact, Illegal Aliens.

The term: Illegal Alien is a legal term, used by all nations, to describe someone who invaded the country without asking for or receiving permission.

Much like burglars, or home invasion thugs, car thieves, or any of the low-life criminal types to steal for personal gain. (Wait a minute. That could also include politicians who steal tax money to set up slush funds. Oh, well. They would be criminals, too, just like the Illegal Aliens.)

That's why the Commissar loves the Illegal Aliens; they are of like minds. Rip off any honest person.

Anonymous said...

When I get a job, I have to provide my social security card to the employer, so they can report taxes to the IRS. How can you hire someone without asking for their social security card and not be accused of tax fraud?

Why do "check cashing" stores even cash their checks when they cannot show a proper form of ID??

This is arbitrary legislation aimed at "undocumented workers" or "day laborers". This is enforcing the LAW: if you're in the US ILLEGALLY, you should not be able to get a job!

Anonymous said...

Look, guys, the machine has hyjacked the machinery of government. After paying the price of lip service, the machine makes sure government makes them money.

The illegal alien is a potential voter (if naturualized) and a the purpose for machine sponsored programs - from which the machine can make money or peddle influence.

Campaign contributors get cheap workers, servants, and tennants.