Thursday, May 15, 2008

Corrupt signs of the times

More proof that Anthony Como is the guy set up by Serf to take a powder in the District 30 city council special election. There is no election date on his campaign posters. How do you leave that important detail out unless you are either trying to throw the election or are really stupid?
Next, Tom Ognibene shows us where his loyalties lie by advertising in big bold colors - on a real estate office.
And finally, have you ever seen a school post the names of not only their Principal but also their President, Chairman of the Board and Scholarship Chairman on their sign? (Click photo for larger view)


Anonymous said...

Makes perfect sense. Serfie bails on Como so he loses to cuz of Queens Dem machine boss then machine bails on Adabbo so Serfie survives in Nov.

Taxpayer said...

We still have control of events.

DO NOT vote for Como or Dizzy Lizzie.

Later on, DO NOT vote for Maltese or anyone named Crowley or Como.

It matters who you do vote FOR, but, it's easier to choose when you eliminate the sludge.

Anonymous said...

I don't think it is enough to say not to vote for Como or Crowley. There is a field of 6 canidates and to be honest I hardly know anything about the other candiates. Como and Crowley are the only ones getting the majority of the press (even here on Queens Crap - albeit negative), the only ones I see with signs in store windows.

If people are going to pick one of the other 4 randomly, then none of the challangers will get enough votes to get elected. Como or crowley will get elected because they are pretty much the only candidates anyone even heard of which is pretty sad, but true.

Where do you get information on what the candidates stand for, where they are on any issues, etc..?

With all the community activism associated with the JPCA how come they aren't floating a candidate? I guess it wouldn't matter if they did. It seems each time they support a candidate it invariably comes back to bite them in the ass. Gallagher was the JPCA man of the year at one time.

CD30 is filled with just negativity and no one with a clear voice of positive change, including Queenscrap. Almost all articles are negative, which makes me wonder why the Crapper even lives in Queens. I would love to hear what the Crapper would like to see for Queens, besides it being like it was in the 1800s.

Queens Crapper said...

Actually, we are down to 5 candidates. Way to go staying informed. And as for the issues, try educating yourself by starting with this. Voter Guide to Special Election.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Crapper for showing me the light. I'm glad to know that all the candidates are for historic preservation, each claims to be better than the other in making sure it happens, and all will do whatever is in their power to get all the necessary funds to keep queens looking historic.

Isn't one of the reasons you write this blog is because you want to keep people informed of what is going on in Queens. Wouldn't that be one of the reasons anyone reads it?

People voting in the election don't just want to hear the official line spouted by the candidates. They want to find out what our neighbors and others know about them. It's easy to highlight the negatives and what you are against.

I'm sorry if you got insulted, but my point was that you have power to inform on this website. In this election I heard enough negatives about each of the candidates to make me second guess my vote for any of them. Don't you want to offer an opinion of who you think would be best to have the council seat? What positive changes could come of it? You have influence - use it.

Queens Crapper said...

First of all, that questionnaire is about more than historic preservation, but I guess you didn't bother to read it all the way through. There are 2 events scheduled for next week where all the candidates will speak and I will weigh in after them.

Anonymous said...

I think the fact that Crappy informs people about things the mainstream press generally doesn't is admirable.

Anonymous said...

"Makes perfect sense. Serfie bails on Como so he loses to cuz of Queens Dem machine boss then machine bails on Adabbo so Serfie survives in Nov."

If only the Dems were that cooperative!

Queens Crapper said...

They were last time Serf ran.

Taxpayer said...

Anonymous wants someone else to do the thinking. Then, with the luxury of attacking anyone who can think, Anonymous can attack at will, either the candidate promoted or the person promoting, or both.

Rabbit. Think for yourself. Do your own homework.

One very legitimate process for arriving at a choice of candidate is the process of elimination.

The criteria used in the process can be whatever works.

Negative information about a candidate is an entirely proper criteria.

If you can do better, inform us.

In any event, it's entirely your decision. Make it after doing your own homework and thinking.

Anonymous said...

If I knew to what extent Maltese and Ognibene were involved with Christ the King HS, I would not have sent my child there. I have to wonder how much of the tuition goes to support those ignorant men. Christopher Columbus, my eye!

Anonymous said...

Babyface Como IS stupid.
And CtK is corrupt.