Thursday, March 13, 2008

Will it ever end?

The never ending saga. Tommy Huang’s project at 39-39 223rd Street and Mia Drive is far from complete. Construction began at the beginning of 2003. Here it is March 2008 and it appears to be in shambles. His construction permits expired a long time ago. In addition, the neighborhood was downzoned back in 2005. Unquestionably, there must be some serious DOB objections that need to be addressed. They still remain a secret to the public. It was said back in August 2007 that Mr. Huang would take the issues up at the BSA. It seems that he has not exercised that option yet.

The project has long been an eyesore. Lately, it appears that the property has fallen prey to vandals and graffiti artists which is visible from the Cross Island Expressway. The private road/mapped street is still not structured.

Even thought the permits have been revoked and the project is on “hold”, the DOB now sees fit to issue a Rescind of the Stop Work Order in effect to allow a PARTIAL LIFTING OF THE ORDER to enable the developer to fix the fences and make the site safe. The fences and site have been unsafe from day one. It seems that the DOB believes that the developer is warranted a month to accomplish this. As buildings are falling down around us, it is surprising that the DOB has concerns about the safety issues here.

Will the developer seize the opportunity to remove all the graffiti from the house facing the Cross Island Parkway? Will the developer clean up the entire project to ready it for Spring marketing while he’s at it? Good Choice Realty who is marketing the Klein Farm is also featuring one of these houses for $1,390,000.

The developer created this unsafe situation and the DOB enabled it. Will the DOB make sure that the proper insurances are in place? Will the DOB see to it that no additional work (not covered by this partial lift) will take place?

- anonymous


Anonymous said...

The Flushing-izing of Bayside. We told you so!!!

Anonymous said...

After that Shakespearian tragedy at the RKO Keith's ,
this could be Huang's second longest running show!

Let's see what happens with his Broadway project.

Oops....we forgot to mention his off Broadway productions....undermining the foundations
of 2 FDNY firehouses!

One had to be vacated by our emergency
first responders until the building was made safe
to enter again.

Isn't it time for this criminal sociopath to be
permanently barred from building in NYC?

Anonymous said...

A lawyer (I think)
Moriarty (?) was told about the oncoming
Flushing-ization of Baysidesome 22 years ago.

He balked and brushed it aside.

Look out your window now Naysider Mr. M !

Anonymous said...

Spitzergate -- Choppergate

When will we read about Huang-gate?