Wednesday, March 12, 2008

See ya, I'd hate to be ya!

Well, the steamroller is officially out of steam. The NY Sun reports that the Spitzer Resignation Is Not Tied to a Plea Deal.


Anonymous said...

What a hypocrite! What an artificial speech!

Anonymous said...

spitzer can go to hell.

he screwed everyone over who had such high hopes for his governorship for some whore of babylon.

what a waste.

and now what NY?

georgetheatheist said...

What is going on with those women? Silda? Hillary? McGreevey's wife?

The only woman who had any "balls" was Martha Mitchell.

Seth said...

The mutt was a self-seeking phony to begin with, going back to his attorney general days.

Seeing this hypocrisy, in view of his remarks and actions when prosecuting organized prostitution in the "days of yore", makes the term "don't let the door hit you..." all the more on point, unless it is a cell door hitting him there on his way in.

With respect to his wife, who looks truly devastated by the revelation of his "activities", I would like to see him do some time, preferably in a NY prison rife with convicts doing time because he put them there.

Anonymous said...

Governor Steam-Roller has finally steamrolled himself for good. This reminds me of the Monika Lewinsky/Bill Clinton scandal.... except that Bill lied like hell about it. I have no idea why, but somehow, I feel a bit sorry for Spitzer... I know I shouldn't, though. I really hope that his wife and three daughters will manage to pull through, because they're suffering the most.

Liman said...

This guy has no friends. None. Even Nixon had supporters. Millions of them. But everyone just hates Spitzer.

So how come he won the election by a landslide? He didn't just get bad last month, he was a schmuck of an AG, too. We really don't pay any attention to who we vote for.

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of the Monika Lewinsky/Bill Clinton scandal..

Bill was a pathetic liar who could not keep his pants on and toyed with Monika - a young dumb fatty. At least as a good ol southern boy - he never needed to pay for it - didn't break laws other than the lying evasiveness and embaresment to himself. Hillary knew about this stuff and that's what they were about two pigs in a stye.

With Spitzer - you have a born to money that was made off the backs of the poor who lived in dangerious rat infested tenements and could not give a rat's ass how they made it. To cleanse their history through the genartions, young Elliot went to elite schools (money buys entry) and illegally back Elliot to run for office. With this vicious background he went after every white shoe Wall St power brokers by bluster, crudness and power of the state badge. He never went to trial with these folks - don't fight the resources of the Gov. until one case did not back off and Elliot caved because of the lack of strong evidence. so he closed several escort ringd and declared them to be evil. They may not given him a discount? Anyhow you know the rest and the people of NY can sleep better knowing this Monster has been caught but we the citizens will pay a huge price as NYs is pathetically crippled and our institutions have been set back 100 years. Maybe we will find Gov. Patterson to be a ugh healers and get both parties to come to consenses on initiatives to get NYS on track - don't bet on it as Patterson learned at the knee of his father and cronies that are positively back room old school pols that no one ever wants back in NYC. Wait, watch and see? Could Sharpton gone to heaven and died gloriously to lord over Patterson - his new eyes - Oh my God!

Salvatore said...


"Gov Spitzer resigns, a pyrrhic victory for Goldman Sachs White House"

"Goldman Sachs' former CEO is Secretary of the Treasury Henry
A Goldman Sachs operative Josh Bolten is White House
chief of staff. Former Goldman Sachs CEO Robert Rubin became Secretary
of the Treasury under Clinton before he plunged millions
into poverty with his worldwide destabilization conspiracies.

Paulson in his dual role as president of Nature Conservancy
turned that group of wilderness shrines into cattle ranches,
turning sanctuary into slaughterhouses, slaughterhouses
whose bloody cadavers would be part of the meat supply
for Goldman Sachs fast food stock companies. Paulson
developed further connections to Argentine and Chilean
cattle ranches and megabutchers.

Paulson's agency heads the IRS which used public monies
to wiretap Spitzer, with the approval of the unelected regime's
Attorney General. "

thank you,

Anonymous said...

The courts ought to tie his prick in a knot
so he'll never be able to do it again
(to the girls or the public) !

Anonymous said...

Well, if Hillary
would have played the supplicant on occasion
Bill might have lit up his cigar for her
and not gone elsewhere to restock his humidor !

Anonymous said...

Now New York can truly partner up with New Jersey.

The Whore Authority of N.Y. & N.J.

Anonymous said...

If I were one of his hookers,
I'd demand double combat pay for bedding down
with such a homely little dork!

Anonymous said...

You know it's funny.

A tryst with a prostitute brings down a governor with threats for resignation and impeachment, only directly affecting the few people involved.

But looking a 5 year war based on lies, with thousands of soldiers killed, the president is bullet-proof.

Spitzer a hypocrite? Yes. Ethics in government?......well you figure that one out.

Anonymous said...

So much for the "steamroller" and the "most accomplished governor"...

Anonymous said...

As I read the newspapers and the comments above I marvel at the fact that people consider themselves hollier than thou and so willing to lash out; never stopping to think that we all live in glass houses.
I is a sad day for New York.