Sunday, March 9, 2008

Sky garage is pie-in-the-sky

High rollers who pony up millions for an ultraluxe Chelsea condo will be able to drive into an elevator and be lifted, car and all, to their apartment door.

But they'd better hit the brakes on the Rolls.

The 19-story building rising at 200 11th Ave. with a first-of-its-kind "sky garage" is so plagued with problems that the Buildings Department has halted all work there, citing "questionable construction practices."

Troubles hit Chelsea building slated to carry autos up to condos


georgetheatheist said...

A modern version of the Bat Cave?
Your chariot dependent on the functioning of an elevator? I don't think so.

verdi said...

I heard about this high end piece of idiocy
about 6 months ago
from someone in the real estate biz.

Reich's Chancellor Bloomberg
has been pushing for congestion pricing.

How about extracting mega/ultra high priced
congestion parking fees from these residents
to be put directly to NYC coffers
and be used for some worthwhile purposes.

Let these egocentric elitists
foot some of our essential municipal bills.

And yes "George".....
what happens during a power failure?

Do the galley slaves manually hoist the elevator
in this Ben Hur's garage franchise?

Anonymous said...

The building leans, it is out of plumb is clearly visible....

It should be condemed. Must have been built by fence jumpers and day laborers.

For-get-about-it - your taking your car up in this leaning and shaking tower for 6-17M? Not a soul will buy here - a pipe dream!

Anonymous said...

the most unbelievable and unnecessary waste of energy I've ever heard of.

Anonymous said...

Good, lets take a building that isn't stable and put a big fat SUV 10+ stories up on there. What stupid asshole designs stuff like this?

Anonymous said...

In Chelsea,
you could sell a pig in a poke
to any rich foreign art/f----t groupie,
any day of the week!

Anonymous said...

what about the car emissions in the apartment. And i'm sure at some point, someone is going to screw up and drive their car the wrong way and take the fast way down right onto some unlucky slob dining al fresco outside.

Anonymous said...

garages in the sky? this should have never been approved! what lame examiner at the Dept.of Buildings approved this?!? It is a fire hazzard. have they provided the required 3 hour separation and sprinklers to protect the residential portion from any fires and explosions from the 50 gallon gas tanks in those SUVs?