Sunday, March 9, 2008

Brian now driving cabs

Disgraced lawmaker Brian McLaughlin was once riding high off the $2 million he stole to fund a lavish life style.

Now the corrupt union boss - who pleaded guilty Friday to siphoning political, union and charity funds - is puttering along in city traffic as a cabdriver.

"He's driving cabs and a limo for people," his attorney, Michael Armstrong, told The Post yesterday.

Armstrong said the former Queens state assemblyman also teaches at a taxi school where cab drivers get their certification and helps "run" it.


Photo from NY Post


Anonymous said...

"But Elizabeth Crowley, an ex-City Council candidate and former close ally of McLaughlin, bashed him yesterday.

"What he did turns my stomach," she said."

When he turns your stomach, Crowley, does it face the mattress or the ceiling?

C'mon, just admit it: Were you one of his mistresses? What skels can you unbury?

Can he - will he - tell tales about you, Gallagher, Katz, Markey, and various staffers? Can he be trusted with all he knows and may have told or will tell? Do you think he has enough to further reduce the sentence? Has he already rolled over on so many of his "friends"?

ken said...

if I ever ride in his cab I will pay close attention to the meter.

Sleeping with Brian said...

Elizabeth Crowley earned her support from the unions and Brian McLaughlin the old fashioned way... on her back.

Liz C. said...

Stop lying, that's not true! I was on top the whole time!

Abe said...

Elizabeth Crowley knew about McLaughlin's extra-curricular activities. Keep your eye on the news in the next couple of weeks.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Elizabeth Crowley is shameful! She not only turns my stomach, she makes me vomit. Message to Elizabeth: you have fooled no one. Everyone knows you had an affair with Brian knowing he was married. That pretty much makes you a whore. Shameful. Do not run for City Council. You have no integrity or values and the people of Queens have had enough of low-lifes like you.

Anonymous said...

They must be gypsy cabs.

I don't think that a felon can drive a yellow NYC hack !

At any rate, I wouldn't trust him
to drive me around the block.

Anonymous said...

He didn't have the balls
to be one of the old Irish "Westies".....
just a cheap backstabbing union boss!

If he had double crossed one of those stout lads,
they couldn't find a finger of Brian's to haul into court!

Anonymous said...

I want to see Brian and Pinky
linked as "bedfellows".

Maybe they can even share a cell together
in a hard ass federal lock up....
somewhere in Kansas maybe!

Anonymous said...

Brian McLaughlin is a symbol of the corruption in Queens politics. From Manes to McLaughlin to Gallagher to Katz to Vallone. These dirty politicians have infected every square inch of Queens.

It's time to flush folks.

Anonymous said...

Hope he had dealings with Tommy?

Look for the Crowley label said...

Look for the Crowley label
when you are buying a politician or a louse.

Remember somewhere our union's buying,
another crooked Brian McLaughlin house.

We work hard, but who's complaining?
Vote for Liz Crowley. she's dumb and we like them that way.

So always look for the Crowley label,
we back whores for leaders in the U.S.A.!

Anonymous said...

Unless an effective form of herbicide is applied
to Queens' fertile fields of corrupt politics,
a new crop of crooks will soon be sprouting up
overnight to take Mc Laughlin's place!

And we'll be over-run with poison ivy once again!

Those stinking Staviskys must go next!

Anonymous said...

How is it that Elizabeth Crowley is a member of the painter's union if she is a school teacher? Did she actually paint is is it something McLaughlin cooked up for her to help out his "good friend"?