Saturday, March 8, 2008

SJU dorm to provide bus and not parking

A Jamaica Estates group opposed to the construction of the St. John's off-campus dorm scoffed at the university's proposal to shuttle bus students to and from the building to compensate for a lack of parking spots on the site.

SJU dorm bus plan inadequate: Padavan

State Sen. Frank Padavan (R-Bellerose) said during a community meeting last week that the university plans to have 80 parking spots at the 485-unit dorm, which he called "totally inadequate."

"This idea just doesn't make sense and they know it," Padavan said, noting that he spoke to one St. John's student who said there would be nowhere for students at the dorm to park on campus.

Phil Ross of Concerned Residents of Jamaica Estates, a group formed in opposition to the dorm, said St. John's "must think we're idiots" when it rolled out the parking plan to the community.


Anonymous said...

"Concerned residents" fighting the SJU dorm - where on earth is the Jamaica Estates Association - the group which is supposed to work toward preserving the quality of life for the Community? Why did a separate group have to form to combat this blight on the neighborhood? Has anyone even asked this question?

Anonymous said...

That's just "great" !

Now in addition to drunken students' "toga parties",
residents will now have to deal with noisy buses
and stinking gasoline fumes!

Let's have another crusade
pitting the Saracens against the Vincentian order!

I'm rooting for Saladin !

The lying Christian infidels that run St. Johns
can rot in purgatory!

ken said...

that yellow SANO school bus will probably be making an appearance too.

Anonymous said...

Get a picture of a Gray Line Coach bus! That's what they use as their shuttle buses, and they run them through the small residential streets of neighboring Hillcrest Estates much to the annoyance of their neighbors.

To be fair, get a picture of a Gray Line trolley, too. They call that the "small bus".

Anonymous said...

Never believe in shuttles. They always disappear before the project gets started, or are shut down as not feasable six months later.

Of course by then, the shopping center / dorm / housing complex is permanent.

Just ask the folks at Liberty City in NJ, stuck a mile away from the nearest public transportation after they pulled the boat shuttles.

Anonymous said...

I feel for the homeownwers on the block aside from having this unsightly building in their midst, they will have to contend with buses, fumes , the noise, people getting on and off buses, garbage pick up in the middle of the night, 485 students,the logistics of moving day in/out, hundreds of visitors. Why is the greed of one entity allowed to negatively impact the lives of so many!