Saturday, March 8, 2008

Scarano's latest scares pedestrians

The building has been hobbled by a partial Stop Work Order for a while. The complaints lodged during construction of the building also make for interesting reading and include "chunks of falling concrete" and debris that was falling and "scaring pedestrians."

The Pinky Building of Bedford Ave. in Bed-Stuy

Photo from Gowanus Lounge


Anonymous said...

So what's next?

Does DOB's Commissioner Lancaster
wait until the building collapses onto the street
(just like the one on 124th St. that stopped Metro North service) and then say, "OOOPS" ?

Scum bag Scarano and the DOB
should team up as the perfect partners in crime!

Anonymous said...

The construction permit will expire 4/1/08 and the plumbing permit has expired. NO WAY should any permits be renewed until all those violations are cleared up.

ALSO, read the litany of plumbing objections. What is going on here? I did not note any reference to sprinklers.