Sunday, March 16, 2008

"Scene of chaos, dust and panic"

It was something far less deadly than a terrorist attack, yet no less frightening for those who lived through it. The giant crane toppled from a building under construction and parts of it crashed into several residential buildings, turning a bustling, upscale neighborhood on the East Side into a scene of chaos, dust and panic. At least four people were killed, and more than a dozen others were injured, the authorities said.

Terrible Rumble, and Then Chaos as Crane Fell

The toll of dead and injured, the scene of destruction and the frantic search for possible victims in the rubble made for a harrowing day for hundreds of firefighters and police officers, and for those unlucky enough to have experienced it but lucky enough to have survived it.


Anonymous said...

Zeff Stern AKA Reliance Construction Group....Oh Jeez more Isrealis DBA out of hell holes of Jersey

What you get for hiring illegal sh*ts. Same as with the infamous Ground Zero Deutsche Bank and Trump's window washers falling 42 stories.

It should be noted at the end of the article
Witness stated that the construction company was overworking their people in an illegal fashion. Most people were too frightened to stand up for better working conditions and fair treatment on the job. The crappy crane was made in China.

"Mike the Bike" and the rest of his clubhouse running the show want everbody but the elite to sink down into 3rd world working and living conditions. They would like to make obedient slaves out of working families.

United States of Tel Aviv..via China ….I mean Mexico
…..We are in the deep doo doo !

Anonymous said...

This is a tragic story , for two reasons, 1st) and most pressing -the loss of like to the workers and the tragic times ahead for their families, this has been and sadly will be all to common in our times of economic boom *per say. Unless the city and the DOB and other angicies step up and admit the size and scope of the job called to them.

seconf in my opioin a lot of the samller quick construction work I see in building these reguler non high rise resendital buildings, seems to be very shabby and full of cut corners to save time and money, which our city seems to have both eyes blind to. It scares me to think that if queens brooklyn or the bronx gets any kind os shaking these cheep nuildings will come down like a house of cards,in which the city played our safty with. Bih h.

Anonymous said...

In this video the ass Mayor doesnt even know the names of the people from different agencys who are sopposed to be overlooking building projects.
He cant even pronounce there names reading a statement !!!


Scroll down

Anonymous said...

All part of the acceptable collateral damage
for Der Mayor's "Plan 2030" !

Too bad the crane didn't fall on Mike's townhouse
.....while he was out, of course.

We wouldn't want this to be misinterpeted
by the authorities a death wish).