Sunday, March 16, 2008

Bloomie: Violations at collapse site "normal"

Bloomberg: Intense City Effort at ‘Place of Carnage’

Robert LiMandri, the first deputy commissioner at the city’s Department of Buildings, said that forensic engineers have determined that the construction site at 301 East 51st Street, where the crane was being used, is stable. The mayor said that a 43-story condominium tower is under construction at the site and that 19 stories have been completed so far.

Mr. LiMandri identified a company called RCG as the general contractor for the construction project, New York Crane as the owner of the crane, and a company called JCI as the crane operator. The crane was made by an Australian company called Favco.
He added: “We have identified that there have been 13 violations on this site since January of 2006. That’s over a 27-month period. And those 13 violations were issued to the general contractor and owner.”

The mayor added, based on Mr. LiMandri’s assessment, that that figure “would be a normal number of violations for a building of this size.”

There you have it directly from the horse's ass, folks. The mayor believes it is acceptable to break the rules as long as you don't go overboard.


Anonymous said...

I watched Bloomberg at the press conference. This man has no heart, and shows absolutely no emotion. He's a goddamn robot! He recited the facts and known deaths without any compassion.

He underfunded DOB as well as most city agencies and HE is responsible for the unsafe conditions at construction sites throughout the city.




Anonymous said...

Mayor Bloomberg is totally responsible for the ineffectiveness of the Department of Buildings. It is understaffed and mismanaged. This mayor has total disregard for the safety and enforcement of violating builders and landords. The blood is on his hands and the Management of the DOB.

Taxpayer said...

Death is normal too, moron Commissar. So, what? We don't care about the 16 workers you're responsible for killing?

Did this moronic, cold-hearted, stone cold killer graduate from the Spitzer school of government administration?

Are we about to be rocked with revelations about his dark appetites that include causing destruction and profound hurt in other people who aren't rich?

Are we to discover that we have Mayor Jack the Ripper on our hands?

This stupid, turtle-faced misery supplier can only read from a prepared (by some lackey) statement. He can say nothing spontaneously. He's do empty headed, empty hearted and without soul that he has no thoughts of his own to give?

Dump this jerk! Dump Lancaster and all the other lickspittles who scurry around the city like cockroaches to do his bidding.

Anonymous said...

This level of acceptance in the military
would land a commander in the brig indefinitely
pending a court marshal!

We've got a city government that's out of control !

Anonymous said...

I would say that a few things, having watched the news conference yesterday. 1) Bloomberg of now is not the same man elected by New Yorkers to run their prestigious city. 2) Bloomberg spoke as though he had absolutely no experience, at all, ever, on a construction site. Where I'm from, 1 violation gets you fined and your site shut down til the violation is resolved. 13 is NOT acceptable to anyone with a brain. 3) The blame for this falls on the corrupt people heading the DOB as well as the spineless, blind individuals employed as so-called inspectors by the DOB because 5 or 6 ties securing a crane that large? on a 43 story condo? Huh? On what day of the week is that acceptable? How much $$ is the GC getting paid to finish this project on time or early and whom is his paying a portion of it to as a kick back? I mean, SERIOUSLY!!

That money is now going to be used to pay the victim's family's because, though I am by no means sue-happy, and, in fact, pretty much anti-suing without a really good reason, I would hope that anyone hurt by this or who lost family or dwelling spaces sues and makes it costly because that may be the only way to open eyes and slow down construction! This could have been averted so easily that's the saddest part of it.

Anonymous said...

You are misrepresenting Bloomberg's comment. Nowhere did he say the violations were acceptable.

Anonymous said...

have been 13 violations on this site since January of 2006. That's 13 too many - now you have the dead and those seriously injured. Who's to blame and in charge of public saftey? NYC Government. Halt all buiding construction until a review of DOB policies is completed. Go forward with strict guidlines and zero tolerance for violations and continuation of work for any site.

Anonymous said...

"You are misrepresenting Bloomberg's comment. Nowhere did he say the violations were acceptable."

The Mayor's demeanor and response at the news conference said it all. His attitude about violations is nonchalant to say the least. Shame on him.

The violations are just an exercise and it would seem a waste of time and taxpayers' money. It is obviously not a deterrent to these outlaws. The contractors, owners, and developers don't take them seriously. Check the DOB website most are dismissed with an affidavit. This is just a small inconvenience to the offender.