Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Rapscallion repellent

Queens Building Uses
'Mosquito' To Quiet Teens
Emits High-Pitched Sound Only Audible To Youth

Teenagers who hang out inside one apartment building in Jamaica, Queens are getting an earful these days.

A new security device called "The Mosquito" has been installed in the lobby of a building on 170th Street where there have been chronic problems with noisy teens.

The wall-mounted device emits a high-frequency screech that can only be heard by people aged 13 to 25. Most older people cannot hear it.

"It sounds like when you put a microphone close to the TV," said Jerry Brown, one of the younger residents, who admits the noise bothers him "a little bit."

Another teen added, "it's annoying."

But one young adult said, "it doesn't bother me."

The building superintendent said the mosquito has kept the lobby free of loitering teenagers, so far.

Queens Building Uses 'Mosquito' To Quiet Teens


Anonymous said...

Clockwork Orange, anyone? What's next?

Anonymous said...

There's another device out there
emitting high pitched complaints .....
the "little guy" determined to repel over development.

Multiply him by the millions of us "little guys"
who are residents of NYC.

Their leader /mascot is "JOHNNY MOSQUITO".

Let's see if the clubhouse can fall asleep
with a bunch of us buzzing in their ears 24/7 !

The meek shall inherit the earth.

Anonymous said...

if you go to the Amtrak area in Penn Station
you'll note they play classical music as a deterrent
to any hip hop loving "brothers" loitering about.

It serves the same purpose of driving them away.
A little social engineering....h-m-m-m ?

Xris (Flatbush Gardener) said...

I can still hear those high frequencies. At best, annoying as hell. More often, physically painful.

Anonymous said...

I can use this inside my house for my own teen, where do I buy one?