Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Pole-ish joke, part 2

So I was wandering around northeastern Queens and stumbled upon this. Well, that's just a pole, you might say.
Look closer and you'll see a rope tied around it and the pole next to it. Hmm...why would they...


Anonymous said...

Good friggin god.. its hanging by a thread.

How the hell is this allowed.

Anonymous said...

The work is all farmed out, I guess nobody was available.
There is also different Unions, Poles, High tension, distribution, drops etc.
If A Hurricaine hits were so screwed !!!

Anonymous said...

You can't be serious, these must be a fabrication.

KG2V said...

That's a normal situation guys. What probably happened was the old pole was hit by a car (that's how they break). The thing is, the wires actually held it up. The "Pole crew" came in an planted a new pole, and tied the old one to it to take some strain off the wires)

Over the next few weeks, first the phone/cable companies will come and move their wires from the old pole to the new one (those are the wires that are about 1/2 way up the pole). After that is done, Con Ed will come and move the top wires, and the old pole will be taken away.

Sometimes the poles will sit like that for a month or 2. Like I siad, the wires actually hold them up

(a good friend of mine was a lineman, and explained how it worked one time)

Anonymous said...

What a striking visual metaphor.

It looks like the same way the Queens political
clubhouse props up a rotten candidate
with their support.

As in candidate John Liu
having received "props" from the Stavisky mob
to gain his seat!

There are others.

Anonymous said...

There are a number of poles in Astoria that are bent over ready to break - and have been like that for years.

Its Astoria. The only thing important is the waterfront - where new development will occur.

The rest of the community can rot.

Anonymous said...

Maybe if we put these things underground, as they do in other communities, we wouldn't have to deal with these situations.

ken said...

...maybe if we could put "our politicians" underground we wouldn't have to deal with these situations.

KG2V said...

There is a HUGE problem with putting existing service undergroud..

The service entrance on the houses in the area will be above ground. Now every house in the area has to dig down, punch a hole in their foundation, run a conduit out to the street, wait for the street lines to be turned on, and then hook in. HUGE job

I can show you blocks where they have done what the closes thing is. The real mains ARE underground, and the old houses that have above ground electric (BTW in NYC all new service IS underground - new being like 1900 and later). They have a string of poles in the front of the block, a feeder comes up from underground, and runs the length of te block. The houses tap off the feeder.

Looking at the AC lines on the top of the pole (they are not on a crossarm (the T at the top of a pole)) this is probably what you are seeing here. An old electric pole moving service a block or so

The Telco and the cable companies then piggyback onto those polls

BTW Part of the reason it takes so long to replace a pole. Say it's a ConEd pole (it can also be a Telco pole around here) - Anyway, the company that owns the old poll has to come out with a poll crew, and plant the new poll (1 ft down for every 5 up). These guys JUST put in the new polls.

Then the crews from each of the utilities that uses the poll has to come out and move their wires. ConEd, Verizon, Time Warner, maybe even FDNY (alarm box wires)

Each of those jobs requires a different skill set, different tools etc

In other words, a significant portion of the problem is technical, not bureaucratic (although there is a lot of that too, I'm sure)

Michael said...

that's right down the block from me, and its been like that for over a year.

Jason in Kew Gardens said...

There is a pole like this one by Rockaway Beach which I have seen a few times. It is tied to another, larger pole and is hanging over one foot off the ground. There is no part of it touching the sidewalk at all. It has been that way for several years now.

ken said...

"...its been like that for over a year."


verdi said...

a lot of the activities that our politicians engage in
are already underground.....
like the cash that developers pass to them
under the table!

You've only to look at
the illustrious careers of C.M. Liu & C.M. Gallagher
and the like.

Anonymous said...

There are a number of utility poles on our block in Bayside that are menacing. They definitely need to be replaced because they are obviously dangerous. From time to time someone comes around and appears to inspect them and put their seal of approval on them (so to speak). Sometimes they even attach braces to them to (I guess) support them. This makes them no less scary.

The workers for Verizon, Time Warner and, who ever else needs to access them, time and time again have refused to climb up them to make necessary repairs. Therefore, repair work is prolonged until they can get a truck with a boom to access their equipment.

Makes no sense.

ken said...

maybe some mouse traps might be stuck under "the table" so that when they stuck their hands under it to accept bribes,

Anonymous said...

Now why doesnt Peter Vallone pass laws for something like replacing worn out poles?