Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Race based on race

Albert Baldeo does not care that state and local Democratic leaders want him to stay out of the race against State Sen. Serphin Maltese (R-Queens). After surprising nearly everyone with the margin of his loss to Maltese in 2006—with virtually no support, he came within 1,000 votes over the ten-term incumbent—Baldeo is determined to run again, and is revving up for a largely self-financed insurgent campaign for the Democratic nomination.
He will be in the race no matter what, he said, and is willing to devote his own money and much of his time to fighting all the way to November.

With or Without Democratic Line, Baldeo Plans Senate Rematch


Anonymous said...

What a loser! Can't win on a record, so play the good old race card. The facts in the contretemps he has with Adabbo over an incident in Howard Beach have to do with DOB complaints and failure of a resident with a proven track record as a law-breaker to rectify the illegal work, not race.

Anonymous said...

Kick that old bastard off his throne!

Serph is a dinosaur
and it's time for that political mobster to go!

Taxpayer said...

Mr. Baldeo:

Go! Go! Go! Screw the Democrat party and their statewide nonaggression pact with the Republicans.

You came so close the last time - your first time in the ring - you might just win this time.

Why should Addabbo benefit if you honor this fraudulent pact that the Republicans and Democrats have imposed on NY voters for years and years?

Way too many NY politicians occupy offices for which they never competed (or they ran against "straw" opponents) a swindle on all New Yorkers.

Give both parties the finger and run. I hope you win. It might just be a lesson for the cheaters.

Glen said...

Well, in light of yesterday's events regarding the governor, perhaps you all would like to carefully examine Baldeo's background and how he's earned his living thus far before touting him for office.

Remember, he was one of Client 9's most ardent supporters throughout 2006, even including him on his campaign signs and literature (whether Client 9 authorized it or not).

On another note, I find it incredibly ironic that many of you have resorted to mindless stereotypical comments (use of the word "mobster" for example), when Maltese has spent much of his career fighting that very racism against Italians that many of you practice.

Anonymous said...

Uh, yeah, Glen except that Serf honored a mobster last year...

Howard said...

Reading comprehension isn't your strong suit, is it?

Every news article I read stated that Maltese honored a BUSINESS, not a person.

Anonymous said...

Yes, a mob-owned business.

Queens Crapper said...

Couldn't help but notice the following IP address paid a visit recently: New York State Senate.

Welcome, Serf!

Anonymous said...

I thought Albert Baldeo was Italian. Who knew??

Anonymous said...

"Couldn't help but notice the following IP address paid a visit recently: New York State Senate.

Welcome, Serf!"

You never know, crappy, they may have given Joe Adabbo his senate internet account a little early, as a courtesy.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Baldeo, what is your claim to fame. When it comes to community involvement I don't see a record. I don't think I have seen you at any local civic groups and for that matter any rallies for our causes. You cannot keep running on how close you almost won. We want a candidate with a record of community accomplishments.