Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Third time's a charm

In what may be one of the oldest and oddest preservation disputes in city history, the city Landmarks Preservation Commission has designated the vacant, four-story structure -- the original headquarters of the Jamaica Savings Bank -- twice since 1974, only to have its decision overturned each time.

It is the only landmark designation in city history that has been rescinded twice, and is among only 21 -- out of 24,000 -- that have been overturned since the landmarks panel was created in 1965.

But this week, 15 years after the last try and with an agreement from the new owners to support the designation, the commission is scheduled to confer landmark status on the building for a third time.

Queens building weighed as landmark a third time


ew-3 said...

Grew up in QV, and my mother worked at Gertz for 20+ years.
When I look at this building, I imagine what Jamaica was like when it was built.
If you look at the old roadmaps of Queens, Brooklyn, and the rest of Long Island, this building would have stood out as a signal of civilization.

Anonymous said...

If the LPC didn't get the cooperation
from the new owner
(which isn't required for designation)
they would have, no doubt, kicked it back
a third time!

At last that gem has been rescued
from that greedy real estate pig Rita Stark!

She gave plenty of $$$$$$
to former councilman Archie Spignor.

In return he never supported its designation!

Anonymous said...

Former councilwoman Julia Harrison also
voted against that second attempt at designation !

Anonymous said...

She also took about $1,500
in campaign contributions from Tommy Huang
in her 1986 run.

ken said...

cool Baroque building. It's built out of limestone. Bet that would be quite costly these days.

Anonymous said...

I ask Mrs. Harrison about her contribution from Huang, she didn't deny taken it and she said she didn't know better at that time. She also pointed out that she was the only candidate who reported Huang's contribution.

Julia Harrison supported Flushing High School, St. Georges Episcopal Church, Flushing Town Hall, the Voelker-Orth House and the Latimer House. Most, if not all, are designated Landmarks. All of which were in her district when she was in office.

She also fought Tommy Huang with regard to the RKO Theater.

She provided funds in the City's budget for QHS and the Quaker Meeting House when she was in office.

Seems as if some people, the so called preservationists, have very selective memories.

Anonymous said...

Looks like we've got a Julia butt kisser on line!

I think her chief of staff did more than she did.

Anonymous said...

"some people, the so called preservationists "
as you incorrectly refer to them....
DO NOT HAVE "very selective memories".

We only convey the facts as they happened!

Laurie Beckleman (then chair of the LPC)
said that she had "a bone to pick" with Julia
over her NON-SUPPORT of landmarking
the Jamaica Savings Bank building.


Anonymous said...

All politicians support those institutions
which are politically expedient for them.

Nobody is denying Mrs. Harrison credit
for doing what she did...
we're only pointing out WHAT SHE DIDN'T DO
in the case of the Jamaica Savings bank!

Anonymous said...

"Looks like we've got a Julia butt kisser on line!"

"I think her chief of staff did more than she did."

Anonymous said...

why so overly defensive of Ms. Harrison?
Are you a groupie....a relative....maybe herself?

No you're not Julia.

Julia would not have said "bullshit",
she would have said "horseballs "
as she once did in City Council chambers.

Anonymous said...

Horseballs? That sounds like Julia.

Anonymous said...

there you are again
combing the blogs for any anti-Julia stuff.

Don't you have
anything better to do with your time?

You must be:

#1. retired

#2. unemployed

#3. blogging from the office on your boss' time.

Tsk, tsk, tsk !
Naughty, naughty. Don't get caught!
(Good jobs are scarce these days).