Monday, March 3, 2008

Pete's new priority

Daredevils who parachute from tall buildings could land in jail if a bill introduced by Council Member Peter Vallone Jr. of Queens becomes law.

Vallone Bill Could Land Daredevil Jumpers in Jail

Mr. Vallone said in an interview he is attempting "to protect citizens from being landed on." The legislation would outlaw climbing and jumping off any structure taller than 25 feet and punish offenders with up to a year of imprisonment and $1,000 in fines.

"I don't know if it's a recurring problem, but one time is too many," Mr. Vallone said. "It could endanger the lives of the jumper and of the people on the street."

I'm much more concerned with other things falling off of tall buildings and onto my head. Where's the legislation on that?


Anonymous said...

Not this guy again!

I susprct the highest diving board in Astoria pool will now be closed.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Peter's last name should be Barnum!

For, just like that legendary showman,
Don "junior" Vallone
is always putting on a show....
hoping to detract us voters from seeing
that he's actually doing nothing for us.


Has anyone ever looked up "la famiglia di Vallone's"
real estate holdings and connections?

Anonymous said...

That's absolutely random.

come on already said...

This guy is ridiculous. Is it possible for him to focus on anything relevent? What next? Legislation about sidewalk gumball machines?

Anonymous said...

Any stupid thing he can think of to get his name in the paper. Peter, your publicity stunts just portray you a a useless whiner, so give it up already.

Anonymous said...

One of his staffers
had better stick a thermometer up his ass
and take a quick reading.

His blood pressure
must be rising by the second....
reading all these comments that have been posted
by constituents that he and "la famiglia"
have screwed over during their reign !

When are we gonna hear some pearls of wisdom
from you again Don "Junior" ?

H-m-m-m....we thought so....
the political mafia's code of silence!

Wait a minute a transparent figure
is beginning to emerge from chambers.

"Here come the judge ! Here come the judge"!

Is that The Honorable Judge Chas. ?

Jason in Kew Gardens said...

Haha! Seriously, what a jackass.

Anonymous said...

Pete, listen. Blindfolded dwarves who drive Zamboni machines down public streets might cause injury to pedestrians, since they can't see and might even have trouble reaching the controls. I don't know that it's a recurring problem, but heck, one pair of shoes getting squirted is too many. I'm just saying, there ought to be a law.

Anonymous said...

This guy's a nut. At this point, I seriously think we would all be better off living in the 1970s and '80s. People these days say that those were dangerous times- but if the people living in NYC back then met the clubhouse politicians of today, they would be outraged.

Anonymous said...

Vallone, the next time you are in church for something other than a photo op, say a prayer that it is legal to be a moron.

Where did you get your Doctorate in Moronics? In the Gallagher School of Elfin Thought?

Anonymous said...

Astoria is going down the tubes and this guy passes legislation like this.

Of course, Astoria is about as sealed a community as you can find - a bit like Tibet.

Read the local paper - everything is fine!

Go to the community board - everything is fine!

Post something on that is not nice - and the Red Guards show up.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, where they have a poll about whether they'd like a Barnes & Noble and some people actually say they wouldn't want it at all. Of all the things to be against, a bookstore is the last thing to worry about. Even if it is a chain--they provide good jobs for young people and what's wrong with books?

Anyway, they already looked at a space on Broadway and 31st and the owner turned them down. Figures!

Anonymous said...

Hey, but got great restaurant reviews - they are always excited by the latest Brazilian or Greek or Mexican restaurant.

About the mentality of middle school.

Anonymous said...

Anyway, they already looked at a space on Broadway and 31st and the owner turned them down. Figures!

Put in a macho-man health club.

The only living culture in that part of the boro is in yogurt.

Anonymous said...

The next time my cat coughs up a hairball,
I'm going to run it for office on the clubhouse ticket!

Anonymous said...

Look at that Il Duce grimace.

His suit doesn't even fit right.

Basta on the pasta old boy
(or at least unbutton your jacket).