Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Leroy introduces Hannah Montana bill

Council Member Introduces
'Hannah Montana Bill'

Special to the Sun

Concertgoers annoyed with the high prices charged by brokers who snatch up tickets in bulk could get some relief under legislation introduced by City Council Member Leroy Comrie.

The proposed law, termed "The Hannah Montana Bill" by Mr. Comrie, a reference to the notoriously expensive scalped tickets to the Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus concert tour, would require publicly funded venues to reserve 40% of their tickets for individual customers. They would have to either pick them up personally or agree to a statement declaring that the tickets are for their own personal use.

"Because of the way these ticket brokers dial in and develop computer programs to snap up the premium tickets, the regular customer has a very slim chance of even being able to purchase a ticket nowadays," Mr. Comrie said in an interview.

He added that the law "would create an opportunity for regular people to have a real shot at getting a ticket."


Anonymous said...

Really Leroy....
with all the major pressing issues facing NYC.

Who the f--k cares about some dumb folk out there
willing to pay mega bucks to see some blond bimbo shake it up!

Unless Mr. "L" has the hots for her
with dreams of scoring a touchdown.

It ain't gonna happen. Your too fat and too old.
(And you ain't no "Luv Guv "with money to burn).

Anonymous said...

Thank heavens, the city council is once again using our tax money to address the pressing concerns of our everyday life.

Do these people actually think that this helps their image?

Who cares? They are treated like royalty by the local press, so the public remains clueless as to the uselessness of these losers.

Thank you Crappy. The voice of reason.

Anonymous said...

Sptizer made scalping illegal. Go see a Broadway show buying a ticket on short notice. Shows are hawking 125-250 for cetain seats. These same seats are double on services made legal - scalping that is.

Need to turn the clock back on the markups - avg Joe or Jane can't obtain or afford a seat anymore fro their family.

Anonymous said...

Is Miley 18 yet? Hopefully she won't turn into another trainwreck like Britney or Lindsay.

I actually support this bill because it would make concerts, shows, and sports games more accessible to the individual consumer.

ken said...

cheap advertising ploy, to name a proposed bill after a celebrity just to draw attention to it. Might even be a copyright infringement?

Anonymous said...

Broadway is strictly for tourists who've bought tickets to the Disney/Manhattan theme park
and corporate captains who can well afford it.

The average Joe and his family
were priced out out of the theater district decades ago.

Try the Theater Development Fund
for affordable seats.

Anonymous said...

All these freakin' politicians LOVE to allign themselves with issues involving high-profile celebrities.

Leroy is doing this only because he's hoping to increase his own name recognition and popularity.

He's a selfish bum who must really have a LOT of free time on his hands to deal with such an issue.

Anonymous said...

Again, its not the merits of the entertainment industry that we should discuss --

its what the politicians are doing with the value time that we pay for. With the cost of living going up, how they spend their time is annoying and frankly, insulting.

georgetheatheist said...

Who the hell is Hannah Montana? Who the hell cares?

There are no gods, no goddesses.

verdi said...

Now, now George!
Athena sprung from one of Zeus's headache
and it took 10 Excedrins to wipe her out!