Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Beantown, here we come!

New bus service to offer low-cost fares between New York-Boston
Cost could be as low as $1

Travelers between Boston and New York will soon have another low-cost option.

Greyhound Lines is partnering with Springfield-based Peter Ban Bus Lines to launch the "Boltbus." The coaches will offer wireless internet, plenty of leg room and one-way fares as low as $1.

The Boltbus will compete with other low-cost carriers such as Fung Wah. Bus companies say dissatisfaction with air travel delays and traffic congestion have an increasing number of travelers turning to old-fashioned bus service as an alternative.

Greyhound plans to keep Boltbus fares low by selling most of its tickets online. Company spokesman Dustin Clark says fares will be set at market value but he expects there to be at least some $1 fares for each trip.

The Boston-New York service is scheduled to begin in April.

I think I'll go check out how the crapscape looks in Mayor Bloomberg's hometown. Somehow, I can't believe it's as bad as in Queens.


Anonymous said...

I'm offering to pick up the current
(non discount) tab
for a one way Geyhound trip to bean town for "hizzoner"....provided he never comes back to NYC!

Oh hell....let's be generous.
I'll pay for a first class airline ticket for Der Mayor.

It'll be worth it to never to see his ass again!

georgetheatheist said...

Crapper and readers, if you do go to Boston, be sure to visit the Paul Revere House, the oldest house in the downtown area. A wooden-frame house built about 1680. Revere purchased it 90 (!) years after in 1770. And it still stands today over 3 centuries later. When I visited about 25 years ago -tempus fugit - I asked the guide after the tour if I could visit the basement, normally where the tourists do not go. I wanted to see the foundation. She kindly permitted this and I was amazed at the quality of the construction: solid masonry with solid wooden joists. Only about 2 or 3 were "sistered", i.e. later doubled-up. It just shows you how lasting good, wooden construction was and still is! (

KG2V said...

Wood construction IS great, IF you don't get termites, AND you can get GOOD wood, like they used to - the main reason everyone is going to gluelam beams and the like - TRY and buy a good 2x12 these days. All soft, wet crap, with wide growth rings.

Nice stuff CAN be built with metal main beams, but as usual, people cut corners

For instance - I recently got some quotes on putting HVAC in my house. As Dad used to be in the trade, I knew the 'right questions to ask' I could do it the "cheap way" for X, and the RIGHT way for X + 20%. In MY case, as I intend to live in this house the rest of my life, the 20% is well worth the money. If you are a builder - are you willing to add 20% to the cost of a house, which most people won't want to spend?