Friday, March 7, 2008

Huang hocking Klein farm for $5.5M

Developer Tommy Huang bought Klein Farm in 2004 amid public outcry against his plans to build private houses on the land. He has been unable to do much with the 61,000-square-foot property because it is located in a preservation district that prevents building or alterations to the structure.

Huang looks to sell Klein Farm for $5M

The listing broker, Joann Lee, president of Good Choice Realty in Great Neck, is asking $5.5 million for the property. She said Tuesday that the farm had been listed for sale "not long ago."

As far as whether there has been interest in the farm from potential buyers, Lee said, "not yet."

The asking price could be a hurdle for some buyers.

"There's been some talk in the community about getting the city to buy it, but it's just not feasible" with budget cuts in place, said Christina Katsanos, chief of staff to City Councilman David Weprin (D-Hollis).

Really? How are we going to break the news to Helen Marshall that there is no money in the budget for purchase of farm property?

Photo from Forgotten NY


Anonymous said...

"He has been unable to do much with the 61,000-square-foot property because it is located in a preservation district that prevents building or alterations to the structure"

This is surprising. When has any type of law ever stopped Tommy from doing whatever the hell he wanted and usually getting away with it?

And if he is actually going to pay attention to the law, you'd think he would have done his homework before buying the property.

Ant said...

Just as an aside, the same zoning regulation that prevented Huang from developing the site was and still is in place in Sunnyside Gardens before it was landmarked.

P.S. Where are our brown street signs after all that?

Anonymous said...

Take a look at the realtor's website.

Note: Asking Price: $6M

No mention of preservation issues.

Remarks : Zoning R4pc, FAR 75 % with proper permit, Perfect Location for School or Church. Located between 188 st & Frances Lewis Blvd.. Near play ground and Cunningham Park Baseball Fields. 4 Blocks to Clearview Expway(IS 295). Home owner insurance $879/yr & $475/yr, New Gas heater in 194-15, Oil heater in 194-23. Real Estate tax: $6,015 for 194-15, $4,346 for 194-23.

Anonymous said...

REC'D: 08/17/05 CD(S): Q08
(06DCP054Q) LOCATION: 194-23 73RD AVE
BLOCKS/LOT(S): 7117/537,539
ZONING SECTIONS: 103-06,103-061

Anonymous said...

Much to my surprise (take a look), this real estate agency is also marketing a Bayside McMansion for $1,390,000. This is one of the four houses belonging to Tommy Huang's 223rd Street Fiasco.

Anonymous said...

Audrey Realty purchased Klein Farm for $4.3. Klein gave them a mortgage for $2.5. See, ACRIS, Block 7117 Lots 537 and 539. Now the realtor has listed the property for $6 million.

There is mention of Leases and Rents which is rather curious.

Anonymous said...

Look, tons of people make lots of money off of queens, particularly developers.

We should start publicly asking these fat cats to give something back to the community.

Donations from these guys are almost zero when it comes to community organizations.

Maybe a full page ad,

Dear Mr Developer.

Documents show you made $xx dollars on abc project. Perhaps you would like to give something back to the little people that helped make it happen for you.

Go public! Embaress these bums!

dads8t2 said...

Isn't Huang the same sorry a$$hole that destroyed the Flushing RKO Keiths? Will this never end? Why hasn't someone run him and his shell corporations out of town?

Anonymous said...

Now let's see if wimp Weprin
is going to make good on his "promise"
to buy the farm for the farm museum....heh, heh, heh !

Anonymous said...

"This is surprising. When has any type of law ever stopped Tommy .............?"

Lately, the Huang's have come up against some strong and persistent opposition. Some of his victims seek to hold him accountable. You can bet it hasn't been smooth sailing for Tommy lately.

"you'd think he would have done his homework ........" Apparently, he didn't have to in the past. He always managed to get his way. Shamelessly, many times at the expense of others. Those days may be long gone.

As a result of his ruthlessness, Mr. Huang has created some serious foes. A number of his projects remain shutdown and rightfully so. Now we hear that he will not be able to develop the Klein Farm as he expected.

Where did all the suspected connections go? Some might say that they saw the writing on the walls and have distanced themselves.

Moral of the story, it is not wise to hurt people and then proceed to rub salt in their wounds. Remember, it may come back to bit you in the ass.

What is happening with all that talk about investigations?

Anonymous said...

Why dont we take the $5 million, and instead of giving it to one, give it to all three splitting it three ways as a down payement until permanent solutions?

Klein, St Saviour, and Cornell

Anonymous said...

He should not make a penny profit on this deal. It is believed that he paid $4.3 and the realtor is marketing it for $6 on her website.

Let him donate it as an offering to the Borough and its citizens to settle up for some of his wrongdoing.

Anonymous said...

Is Ms. Lee marketing this as both a residential and a commercial property? At two diffient prices and one in Flushing and the other in Fresh Meadows.

Can't help but notice the similarities? If so, shame on her.