Friday, March 7, 2008

Court of Crap is courting disaster

According to information from the Department of Buildings, since beginning demolition in November, the Queens County Family Court has been cited for 33 DOB violations and 17 Environmental Control Board violations, several of which remain open.

Court Demolition Worries Residents

A stop work order has been placed on the building and has been ignored more than once.

Residents there say they have complained to several organizations regarding the safety of the site because of vibrations caused by pile drivers and the noise and dust caused by equipment at all hours of the morning.

A quick walk around the block while the machinery at the site is active yields a steady hum underfoot, and the clamor of the equipment echoes strongly in downtown Jamaica’s canyon of buildings.

There's lots of money and headaches involved in Courting Crap.

Photo from Queens Chronicle


I. M. Pissed said...

A new court will need to be established here to judge the sanity of Helen Marshall, the architects and anyone else that actually supported this hideous, tasteless and reprehensible idea. Hopefully there is room for these folks at Creedmor.

We Light Up Queens said...

Having been there a few times, it looks very modern on the inside. Nothing can compare to its Supp. Surr. Courts on Suphlin Blvd.