Sunday, March 2, 2008

Criminal illegals burdening Suffolk County

Up to 95 percent of undocumented immigrants recommended for deportation by the Suffolk probation department remain in the county, placing the financial burden of monitoring them on the county, Suffolk's probation director said Thursday.

The probation department spends up to $375,000 annually to supervise as many as 225 undocumented immigrants, including 36 sex offenders, John Desmond told the Suffolk Legislature's Public Safety Committee.

Undocumented immigrants on probation cost Suffolk $350G

Legislators reacted with outrage at hearing undocumented immigrants are being monitored by the county's probation department rather than being deported by federal officials.

Wow, what a difference between Suffolk and Queens.


Anonymous said...

If there is both a supply and demand for the labor of these illegals, then laws need to be changed to allow them to come here to work AND pay a fair share of taxes. Looking the other way while the law is broken is wrong, and this is one of the biggest failures of our government.

Anonymous said...

There will always be demand if they work for half the price of an American. HELLOOOOOO?!?!?!?

Anonymous said...

Glad to see "the island"
has gotten stuck with the problem
along with their high real estate taxes.

Those folks are constantly putting down NYC
as filthy, overcrowded, dangerous, crime ridden
and full of people of color. who are invading
formerly "good" neighborhoods

When these "white flight" proponents
left the big apple in search of utopia,
I guess they never thought
they'd find that their pursuit of the good life
would turn on them.

Now it seems their kids are clamoring
to come back to New York to live.

Anonymous said...

We have no obligation of any kind to accommodate the invading illegal aliens. Or the residents of any other nation. They have problems at home? Solve them at home. Overthrow their own government. That's what we did. We may have to do it again, real soon.

There is no such person as an "undocumented immigrant". The legal term for any person here without having asked and been granted permission is: Illegal Alien. Look it up.

Now, to really make the tender hearts howl: Criminalize abortion. So far we have sent 40 million persons to the garbage heap. Had that been not permitted, we would have all the workers we need. And all the consumers and taxpayers and voters. And all the money would have stayed here without going out of the US to pay travel expenses for more ILLEGAL ALIENS.

Anonymous said...

How about the criminal illegal elite in Queens? They live the high life ruling Jackson Height's by shaking down businesses that have illegals and illegals are being wharehoused in Brothels etc. No one give a damn - we are going to explode with crime shortly. Legal folks are fed up & ging to take thing in their own hands if the city doesn't take a stand againts illegal folks.

Anonymous said...

Kiss my ass!

Report 'em....then deport 'em !

CntrySigns said...

I wouldn't care if they came here and stayed here. But they come here, work illegally, and send their money back to their family in the "Home Land" Or even worse is the ones that work here legally and then retire to other countries and we send them their SS checks. WTF!?! You shouldn't be allowed to collect US aid if you don't live in the US!

Anonymous said...

I agree that something should be done about igonoring the law... I LIVE right smack in the middle of Suffolk County and see these people all the time! No, it isn't right!
...But i also feel an obligation to reply to one of the anonymous posts... I feel very offended by the notion that Long Ialnders deserve to be stuck with a problem on our hands. And as to the assumption that we hate people from the city? I have never assumed the NYC was a dirty or disgusting place. I love the diversity there, and any crime it has is to be expected when you have so many people in such a small area. I was born and raised in Suffolk and I don't appreciate being disrespected just because of where I choose to live. I respect your area, now please respect mine!