Sunday, March 2, 2008

7 line to get electric platform signs

No. 7 line riders in the upcoming years may be able to tell when their trains are arriving under a proposal to be unveiled Wednesday to install electronic signs on platforms, according to transit officials familiar with the plan.

L train technology headed for No. 7?

The computer-based technology, which is already rolling out on the L line, would eventually lead to trains being largely guided by computers, thereby allowing them to run closer together.

Photo from NY Times


Anonymous said...

How about spending money on repairing stations instead of signs that half the people won't be able to read anyway?

Anonymous said...

This kind of sign technology has been in use for many years on BART in San Francisco and lots of other transit systems all over the world. Why is it only now starting to appear in NY?

Anonymous said...

How about taking out that express service? it makes for a very, very crowded ride from stations like 52,46,40 & 33rd into the city in the AM. used to wait on the platform 25 minutes to be able to get on a local train. i chose to now take the bust that stops down the block from me and then catch the V.

We Light Up Queens said...

Any improvements are good improvements since you cant be beggers and choosers.

Anonymous said...

Must-have quotes for the future 7 train electric platform signs:

"Train Delayed Because of Signal Malfunction"

and the recent favorite

"No Express Service Because of Track Work"

Anonymous said...

They shouldn't be blowing money on electric signs.. They should be extending the 7 past Main Street in Flushing. Apart from the Shuttles, the 7 is the shortest line in the system... and one of the most crowded. Can the MTA ever learn to be sensible?

Anonymous said...

Simple station announcements would help for a start. They would have been especially helpful last Friday night at about 11:45-12:15 when no trains appeared at Queensborough Plaza for at least 20 minutes.

Anonymous said...

Extending the line would be a horrible idea. They should complete this ASAP as it will allow them to run more train closer together during rush hour

The 74 Street-Broadway/Roosevelt Avenue station needs to be redesigned to make the transfer easier to the E F G R V trains. If all you had to do was cross a platform more people would get off here and connect with the trains they may eventually transfer to in Manhattan.

Express service should be killed permanently. (Again encouraging people to transfer when possible.)

Lastly it would also help if they used the newer cars which seem to do a much better job of accommodating more passengers.