Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Times Square Virtual Tours

See 360-degree panoramic shots of Times Square on New Year's from 2003-2007.

And some great old black-and-whites:

Times Square Through The Lens


Anonymous said...

Did you see the Anthony Weiner balloon?

Anonymous said...

This guy's got weiner on the brain. Probably lays in bed at night pleasuring himself with thoughts of Anthony and his long "nose."

Well, as they say, to each his own. So go right ahead, fella, and enjoy yourself -- in private!!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe Liu & Herce can put together
a virtual tour of Flushing (F-Liu-xhing)
complete with smell-o-vision.

That ought to encourage visitation...
to this..... destination of avoidance....ha, ha!

Some advice....
don't take the August tour....
the summer heat "cooks up" the garbage
into a ripe and runny stew!

Gag !