Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Heeeere's Johnny!

The vote results are in and JOHN LOO (er, Liu) of FLUSHING is the winner of this year's Queens Crap overdevelopment award! Johnny is the Queens council member that QC readers believe will most frequently sell his soul to developers in return for a few bucks for his campaign coffers. What he's running for he hasn't announced yet, but he definitely wants to run. And when you have a case of the runs, you need a bowl, pronto. So Johnny has been given the lovely trophy you see him clutching so dearly. Hopefully he'll wear his crown when he sits on his throne.

First runner up was Councilman Dennis Gallagher, who will remain the court jester, which is perfect, since he'll be in court a lot this year...

Councilwoman Melinda Katz, the reigning Queen of Queens Crap for 2007, came in third place. We'll let her keep her tiara.

The final results:


Taxpayer said...

Gallagher came ahead of Katz? He sure gave her a licken.

Does Gallagher know that Bubba is a trained proctologist?

In his time left among civilized folk, Gallagher can train to become an expert in lingual colonrectumy.

Oh! I forgot. All his years with developers made him an expert.

OK, then. He's ready for prison, much like Francis Crowley.

Anonymous said...

C.M. Johnny Loo of F-Liu-xhing.....
the new king of crap.....perfect!

I hope that either you or one of your cohorts
is trolling this site today....
and can fully appreciate the honor
that's just been bestowed upon you.

I can see Toby Stavisky
handing King John his scepter....
his golden toilet bowl plunger!

Now Johnny can suck up the muck
that's stinking up the town's sewer system.

Hey....what a photo op!

westernqueensland said...

The venality of this crop of city counselors is precious and rare. I actually asked Gioia about a building being slapped together in the queenscrap revival style on 44th St and he dodged like an expert on the pro-Dodgeball-Circuit. But I realize they are all in the same game.

Anonymous said...

you dickheads don't know shit! keep up with the stupid blog. you won't make any money from it and it's such a waste of time. it's all about development, assholes. with immigration in queens, you need more housing, ya douchebags. thus the need for development. if you don't like it, move to montana. welcome to new york!

Queens Crapper said...

Andy Woo, is that you?

verdi said...

What a demure
shit eating grin on Liu's face.

Those puckered little Cupid's bow lips
must have performed quite a lot of service
as Johnny knelt for the developers!

Anonymous said...

"dickheads, assholes and douchebags".

You're certainly a "class act".

Did you finish junior college yet?

Are these the types of sopho-morons
Liu has for supporters?

Man....Q.C.'s success
must be giving them all heartburn.