Thursday, January 17, 2008

Stratton House demolished

Hey Queens Crap,

As I was whizzing by in the ever-speedy Q65 this morning I noticed a house/ property on 25th road & CP Blvd that I always admired for being spacious and old-timey (i.e. they had a fucking yard) was missing and surrounded by a fence, indicating a fresh
demolition. See attached pic from google earth.

I will make it back there soon to take some proper pics, but I was wondering if there are any other reports on this from the Queens Crap College Point faction?

Stay awesome,
Answer from independent urban planner Paul Graziano:

"That was the Stratton House - the last house standing that was originally built by the Stratton family, who were the founders of College Point before it was known as College Point (it was originally known as Strattonport). We tried to get it landmarked last year and, of course, the LPC turned it down. It was a great house with beautiful property. When I got the area rezoned, because it's on College Point Boulevard, City Planning refused to consider a lower zoning category. So while most of College Point was rezoned from multi-family to detached one or two-family houses, College Point Boulevard remained a higher density zone. I think it sold for $3 million last year and they're gonna build some excellent Queens Crap on the site."

Thank you Bloomberg administration.
Goodbye Queens history. Hello Queens Crap!


Frank said...

That's terrible. I remember as a kid always being told that Charlie Chaplin used to live there. I never knew if it were true.

Loyal citizen said...

The "Lazy Partners in Crime," commonly known as the Landmarks Preservation Commission, strikes again by scarring our borough & lives. I am longing for the day that Bitch Betts & Robbing Tierney is out. Queens has not come under review as promised... Save the Landmarks Law!!

faster340 said...

Lancaster and LPC need to GO!

Anonymous said...

The law needs to be overturned.

Pure and simple.

You dont see bs like this in Brooklyn Heights.

Anonymous said...

That's right old boy.....
Brooklyn Heights was the first historic district to be designated by the LPC.....way back when in the 60s!

If the landmarks law is being applied
in the discriminatory fashion that it is.....

Anonymous said...

Put Manhattan in the same boat with Queens!

If all 5 boroughs cannot get equal protection
under the landmarks law.....
it's time to abandon ship.....and scuttle
that rotten vessel!

Dump the discriminatory landmarks law.

That'll put the fear of God
in Manhattan-centric SOBs at the LPC!

Anonymous said...

Publicize the banks that finance the destruction of our neighborhoods, and boycott them.

Connie R said...

I was in the coffee shop on College Point Boulevard this morning and was told that the property is being divided into seven (7) parcels. A one family home being replaced by seven 2-3 family homes. It's happening all over College Point. I don't know how the zoning change has helped. It seems to have started all this crap in College Point.

Anonymous said...

Thats 4+4 Parcels of blond brickface Fedders garden crap, with sunken basements around the back.
The former owner has relatives in the LPC and got a subdivision before it was even sold.