Thursday, January 3, 2008

2007's RIP list

NY Magazine looks back at some of what NYC lost in 2007:

Ghosts of New York: A remembrance of things demolished.


Anonymous said...

Some of the worst demolitions in 2007 are:

1. St. Saviour's parsonage, trees, endangered species
2. Colonial Club, a mansion-quality Beaux Art institution on W 72nd St, which had ties to George Washington
3. Playpen Theater at 693 8th Ave, originally the Ideal Theater in 1916. It was NYC's oldest extant Vaudeville theater as of 2007.
4. Long Island Savings Bank at Queens Plaza, a would-be prized building in Greece, but landfill quality for Queens.
5. Jahn's Ice Cream Parlor in Richmond Hill, a 1920's branch of the renown 1890s shop. At least most of the ornate interior was shipped out west to caring souls!
6. Hackett Building in LIC, the 1st Queens Borough President's office (as if Helen Marshall really cares!)
7. Simonson's Funeral Home in Richmond Hill. It's unfortunate the owner sold to a developer to destroy a Victorian era mansion. It was completely intact under its shingle siding, as evident during its demolition. If only the LPC had a brain.

Any other suggestions for the list? This is the Queens Crap "Hall of Shame" list for all those responsible for destroying the character of our rich city.

Anonymous said...

Built: 1885.

Why didn't this building become protected by Historic Preservation idiots? They go after eveything in Manhattan - a lot of them were outhouses to begin with. Did they not like the bodega tenant? I don't Bodgeas but you need to look past that to see a building that merits protection, adds value to the character of the remaining neighbor.

Anonymous said...

It wasn't a bodega, it was a perfume and cosmetics store, and it probably would have been a pretty lucative business now with all the new rich folk walking around LIC. I still get sick to my stomach when I walk down Jackson (Avenue) and see the mess that stands where that beautiful building once stood.

verdi said...

RIP thanks to LPC....those filthy curs!

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget that chair Tierney
promised to look at Queens.....yeah.....
with a blindfold on !

Bloomberg has got his puppeteer's finger up
Bumbling Bob's ass.

Tierney will wave his arms as instructed!

Anonymous said...

While preservation experts
continue to draw large salaries,
are awarded new study grants.
and heaped full of honors....
Queens awaits for their verdict
of more destruction!

As "Pogo the Possum" might say.
"We have met the enemy and they are us"!