Saturday, May 19, 2007

Tree-cutting spurs action

In response to the destruction of seven rare and valuable shade trees at Fitzgerald/Ginsberg Mansion in Flushing last month, members of Community Board 7 debated a resolution to make it illegal to cut down trees that are more than 25 years old without city permission.

CB7 waffles on illegal tree cutting resolution

Members of CB 7 debated the finer points of the resolution for upwards of two hours Monday night and ultimately decided to table it for further discussion at their June meeting, but their intention was clear.

"We agree that the future of the city depends on a greener New York City," said CB 7 member Kim Ohanian. "Protecting the tree canopy of New York City is a crucial first step."


Anonymous said...

If CB#7 is going to continue doling out more horse shit.......then it would be best to spread it around the base of some newly planted trees where it'll be sure to do some good!

CB#7's "resolution" (if passed) is purely advisory and will be properly pissed on by the time it hits the floor of the City Council chamber where many of its own members have already been bought and paid for by developers!

Anonymous said...

CB#7 turned a blind eye towards effective action in downtown Flushing far too long ago!

Now they think they'll be able to turn the tables on an already dead town overnight!

Too little and too late!

But good luck anyway!

Anonymous said...

If this is how Councilman John Liu protects a LANDMARK in his own back yard, then it's hi ho Tommy Huang running rampant all over Flushing again!

Then again, C.M. Liu is related to Alice (Liu) Huang (Tommy's wife).....isn't he?

Anonymous said...

What has the vociferous and powerful member of CB#7 Chuck Apellian got in mind?

His own house abuts this property!

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't an inquiring reporter just put the Councilman on the spot and ask him if the rumors are true. If they are then what?

Anonymous said...

Because there are no more "inquiring reporters" left around......only a bunch of neophyte dumb asses who think that they're journalists!

They're lazy enough to begin with..... coupled with the pittance that the weekly rags pay can hardly expect them to be motivated!

Investigative journalism is dead!