Saturday, May 12, 2007

Rolling over in his grave

Grant's Tomb in Manhattan was recently profiled by the New York Sun: History Comes Alive

The renovation of 10 years ago was rapid and impressive. Yet it was applied almost exclusively to the front, or south side of the monument.

Around back, the paths leading to the Tomb as well as the stairways leading to them remain cracked and splintered.

An overlook pavilion that could provide majestic views of the Hudson River just to the west of the Tomb, that once housed public restrooms, which has been in shambles for more than 40 years, has been closed. Because of this nuisance, the National Memorial remains one of the only public attractions of its kind without any public restrooms. And finally, the Tomb has no visitor center.

The Crapper has nothing against these creative mosaic benches that line the paths on the monument's north and south sides. As public art, they cetainly have their place. They just don't seem appropriate here.

The official NPS website: General Grant National Memorial

The Grant Monument Association has more photos of conditions at the site and a plan for its future.


Anonymous said...

I too, love those mosaic benches but they are out of context. (I've photographed them many times).

Perhaps, they were commissioned to pander to the tastes of an otherwise ethnic community in lieu of real neighborhood improvements.

They also are crumbling!

Anonymous said...

NYC has always had a goofy way of treating history.

Now if he was an African-American sports hero ...