Friday, May 4, 2007

Pinky's printing press

Seems as though Councilman Dennis Gallagher, whose salary is drawn from taxpayer funds, is using his taxpayer-funded staff to send out hit pieces on neighborhood civic leaders from his taxpayer-funded office:

Juniper Park Civic claims Gallagher published flier

[JPCA President Robert] Holden said he filed a complaint with the 104th Precinct. At the civic meeting, he told members that he is sure that the photo was taken by the councilman at a Community Board 5 meeting in December.

(Yes, Pinky reportedly showed up at a CB5 meeting and started snapping pictures of Holden and other JPCA members in full view of the entire board then stupidly used one of the photos on this flier.)

Pinky's response?

"I join the distinguished list of past elected officials and community leaders who were attacked because they dared to disagree (with the civic)."

Past elected officials? Oh, if only!

Here's a little background on the complaints, since the flier gives Holden's address and urges the reader to look them up:


First it was an illegal apartment, then it was two illegal apartments, now it's that plus an illegal business. Who would harass a civic leader via abuse of the 311 system in such an obvious way? One clue:



Taxpayer said...

This crooked council member (sorry, for the redundancy) is the same one witnessed masticating in a restaurant by the window, in front of at least two women. To make himself even more repulsive, he had just placed food into his mouth.

Later on, he was interrupted in his tax paid office on Metropolitan Ave (78-25) while cogitating in a dark room.

This pervert is shameless. Next, he'll be found in a bathroom, bifurcating his urine stream and blaming the problem on a pubic hair.

We have to force this pervert to come out and explain his perversions. Then, he must explain his criminal use of taxpayer money to attack volunteers in civic associations.

Finally, he must resign. No pension.

Anonymous said...

"I join the distinguished list of past elected officials and community leaders who were attacked because they dared to disagree (with the civic)."

WTF? Are the elected officials so rusty when it comes to being criticized that they call it an offense for a citizen to exercise freedom of speech?

Call out the troops! King George has taken sore offense by the rabble!

Truman Harris said...

This is one of hundreds of Dennis Gallagher's dirty tricks. In 2001 he was exposed on hours of wiretaps taking bribes and corrupting the Department of Buildings. He and his family had an expense paid trip to Disneyworld as one of the payoffs. He also took several thousands of dollars of bribe money.

And don't forget the money he took from that crooked assemblyman, Brian McLaughlin.

Now we understand that he has sexually harassed female employees, used his office and staff to raise money for his campaign coffers, and has waged an disgraceful war against neighborhood civic leaders.

Can an elected official be more dishonest than Gallagher?


Max said...

It never ceases to amaze me how low Pinky will go. Not only Pinky but his cronies too! I hear that he has VVA President Pat Toro on a string so that he can get his war memorial in a park that Bob and Tony were instrumental in securing. Why wasn't the JPCA invited to the second scope meeting? And why was the Gallagher MVMCA invited? Things that make you go hmmmmm

Pink Lady said...

I think Dennis needs to get serious help for his mental problems and stop medicating himself with alcohol.

BJ Metro 78 said...

It's true. Dennis makes his staff do his dirty work on taxpayer time. He is a disgrace to the NYC Council and should be forced to resign if he doesn't do so willfully.

Lo-class-io said...

Dennis, if you want to switch from alcohol to something more potent, give me a ring.

Joey the Hut said...

Dennis, you're truly a lightweight. It takes a lot more drinks for me to get wasted and send out stupid letters harassing civic members. Remember the Christmas party?

Inspector Gadget said...

Did Gallagher ever give the money back to the kids who McLaughlin stole it from?

Anonymous said...

Is Gallagher still living in his basement?

Anonymous said...

Ho ho ho. This pink devil is really an embarassment to himself and to Middle Village.

Anonymous said...

Of course he has to strongarm his way with the ladies. Just look at him. Who would be with him willingly?

Anonymous said...

is it true that pinky goes crying to his mommy every time something is said about him on this blog?

Anonymous said...

A little constructive criticism. This Pinky stuff is getting old. I noticed a lot less comments over the past few days about serious issues.

Anonymous said...

You don't think that a councilman abusing his power and using his office to attack his constituents is a problem? I feel sorry for you.

Anonymous said...

This guy needs to be investigated and when that investigation reveals just how devious he is, he needs to go up the river for a very long time.

Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight, Pinky printed out a two-sided, full-color flyer about a civic leader and mailed it out to his neighbors? How low can this guy go? Why doesn't he take a lesson from his other friends in the council and just let criticism roll off his back?

Anonymous said...

Manes...McLaughlin...Gallagher... all cut from the same cloth. Tweed.

Anonymous said...

I am so happy that you are here, Queens Crap. This guy is no good, has been no good from the get-go. He is not used to people calling him out on his dirty deeds and it's about time someone did.

Anonymous said...

Take a look at his campaign donations! LOTS of developers!

Mike D said...

Was the flier full of misspellings and a grammatical errors? These are the telltale signs of Pinky and his high school drop out supporters.

Since he spends our tax dollars on this crap, why can't he hire someone to proofread?

Straight Jacket said...

Does the City Council health plan pay for committal to a mental health institution?

Truth Teller said...

Hey QC why don't you do a story on Walter Sanchez, the shady publisher (and I use that term loosely) of the Queens Ledger. He's a Gallagher stooge with a closet full of skeletons. This dirtbag has more federal liens on him than the entire population of Rhode Island.

For years Sanchez actually defrauded his workers out of their social security contributions. He was reported to the Feds and they slapped a number of liens on him. He has no money or property since the feds would grab it. He owns nothing! Even the computers at the Queens Ledger are from the early 1990's, the feds don't want them because they're worthless. The QL reporters are always complaining about the lack of technology at the paper. The only thing Sanchez owns is a sleazy reputation.

King of Refinancing said...

Dennis Gallagher and his wife Donna are the King & Queen of Refinancing. Please follow the money with Gallagher's campaign (a lot of expenses), his constant refinancing, his wife's construction related business and the dirty money he took from the indicted Assemblyman and Union Leader, Brian McLaughlin.

Hint: Ask Tom Ognibene about the refinancing.

Anonymous said...

Queens Crap should note that for months Gallagher's attorney Jake LaSala has been trying to convince Gallagher to end this battle. Jake told me that Dennis has lost it. For what I'm seeing, I believe it.

Anonymous said...

Times Newsweekly Feb. 8, 2007: "Both Daraio and Jake LaSala, an attorney representing Council Member Gallagher, reminded the public that they do not have to let anyone into their homes unless the agency has a court-ordered warrant to enter or search the premises.
LaSala noted that the Council member is offering free legal counsel to homeowners in Maspeth who feel they were unjustly summonsed by the Department of Buildings during the reported surge of inspections. Those interested in the service may call Council Member Gallagher’s Middle Village office at 1-718-366-3900 for more information."


Q-Elephant said...

Yes, Jake is the victim here. He has nothing to gain from this fight. Gallagher has been treating him like shit putting him down in front of too many people.

Gallagher dragged Jake, Rick and other staff members into this fight and they are fed up.

I know Rick is breaking away, Jake is not far behind.

Anonymous said...

As far as I am concerned, Rick and his friend Dariusz are both pieces of shit in the same league with Pinky, playing the same games with volunteer victims.

Anonymous said...


He'd be better off defending himself. One of Jake's clients spent the weekend in jail for stealing his own car, believe it or not.

Anonymous said...

If Dennis the Menace would spend 1/3 as much time working for, rather than against, his constituents.......instead of maligning valiant civic leaders.....we'd have a real representative!

What we seem to have instead is a ranting , pink-faced turncoat....who bolsters himself with libations!

MK said...

To keep her quiet and loyal, Councilman Dennis Gallagher has been paying off Kerri Steinmuller with small bonuses. However when called in for questioning she'll sing like a canary. Why should she mess up her life to protect that crook Gallagher?

Anonymous said...

Jake's a good attorney. Lay off him and focus on the real culprit, DPG.

Anonymous said...

Queens Crap, did this Pinky go to Christ The King HS ?

I remember him now and if it’s the same person yes he's crazy and likely a very precarious person by now.

I wonder if he has any old friends who are in St.John's Cemetery or serving for Freddy.

Anonymous said...

Answer to MK:
Her life is messed up already. Although alot of it is her own doing, Gallagher helped make her life much worse.

homaster said...

"Jake's a good attorney. Lay off him and focus on the real culprit, DPG."

Jake's a good attorney? Are you kidding me? Try Googling him. See what you come up with. Nothing!!! Just like his contributions to law, society and the human race.

hooper said...

You guys aren't giving Pinky a chance. I think he could be a fine public servant..

by picking up litter along the highway in a nice orange jumpsuit.

Oksana said...

Good thinking, Hoopster.

I think Dept. of Corrections should start by having him clean St. Saviour's property and the whole neighborhood since the Israelis have allowed bricks, glass, debris, and pieces of their grafitti fence lying all over the sidewalk and street.

They and Dennis slap our community right in the face! Let us throw them all out with the rest of the rotting garbage!



BRIAN M crook
RON L crook
MIKE L dealer
KERRI S user
WALTER S con man
JAKE L philanderer


Anonymous said...

Why don't you people get a life and stop attacking elected offials and start working with them. After all you elected them. To many people like you give Queens a bad name. All you do is gripe and offer no solutons.

Anonymous said...

Actually, we didn't elect them, they run unopposed. Rather, they are foisted upon us by the machine. As for a solution, how about competitive elections and the power of recall?

Anonymous said...

If the number (and quality) of comments posted whenever the subject of "Pinky Gallagher" comes up is a true measure of his "popularity" among his constituents.....then I'd say he's FAILED those he was supposed to represent!

And who's the Nazi that said that you can't attack a politician for doing a crappy job? That's Democracy in action! In fact anyone who does it is a PATRIOT (no intended reference to that weak pretentious "Patriot" blog-site that Pinky and his boys cooked up)!

If Pinky can't take the heat of criticism then let him resign before his time is up. He could always ask Evan Stavisky for a full time job with Parkside. Dennis has been kissing his ugly ass for years now anyway.

H-m-m-m....maybe they don't want him....perhaps a little too 'unsteady" on his feet?

Beavis & Butthead said...

BEAVIS: Man that guy Gallagher looks evil...we like that right Butthead? he-he-he-he

BUTTHEAD: Shut up Beavis you dumb ass, he's an ugly old asswipe who is just plain stupid, even more stupider than you...dumbass.

BEAVIS: Still he looks red like he's from Mars like he just jumped out of one of those flying saucers and zapped everyone on earth with his red raygun, like he melted everyone with his raygun 'cept he got burned from the deathray, it turned him pink and burned off his hair. Now he's lookin' to kill more people. He rocks. he-he-he-he

BUTTHEAD: Shut up Beavis you idiot, that guy Gallagher sucks. He only looks like he's from outer space. He looks that way from using everyone to do his dirty work. He'll try and screw everything that moves. he-he-he-he

BEAVIS: I heard he hangs out listening to that band that plays Black Sabbath except he puts plugs in his ears. he-he-he-he

BUTTHEAD: Shut up Beavis... who's that guy Holden he's trying to get?

BEAVIS: Don't know but he is another guy who looks like he's from another planet ready to zap everyone. he-he-he-he

BUTTHEAD: Shut up Beavis I think that guy like hates that dick head Gallagher.

BEAVIS: So I guess that means we like that Holden guy, right Butthead? he-he-he-he

BUTTHEAD: Lets go back to the photo with the chicks. Where is that? This page sucks. he-he-he-he

Joe Cimino said...

In response to MAX, the 4th comment posted, I would just like to clarify ceratin facts. The MVMCA was not invited to the 2nd scope meeting at the former Keyspan Gas Tank site. I was present because I am the Vice President of the Queens Vietnam War Memorial Committee. I am both honored and proud to have been asked and accepted this position and I will dedicate the time and energy needed to see this planned memorial become a reality. If you, the JPCA or any other organization or persons wish to assist in this truly deserved and overdue memorial, please write us at PO Box 754040, Forest Hills, NY 11375.
Thank you for your concern.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Joe Cimino one of those Gallagher shills ?

Lorraine Sciulli, 1st VP, JPCA said...

Forgive me if I don't offer congratulatory accolades on your appointment as VP of the Vietnam Veterans War Memorial Committee for the Elmhurst Gas Tanks park site. I believe that one should be appointed to serve on such a prestigious committee by earning that right as demonstrated by his/her hard work in the community.

You, sir, have demonstrated only your political allegiance to an out-of-control and abusive councilman.

Let's look at your record in the community. After serving one two-year term on Community Board 5 - you quit. After serving one two-year term on the Juniper Park Civic Association board - you quit saying that you were "too busy to serve" but were "honored to be part of such a fine group."

In March 2006, out of the blue, you resurfaced to write a letter to the editor of the Ridgewood Times praising Councilman Gallagher and blasting the hardworking Juniper Park Civic leadership and you even resorted to calling JPCA executive board members "bobble heads." In June the same letter was printed in the Queens Ledger and other papers. Dennis always did say he called upon you when he needed a letter of support.

In August, after Dennis Gallagher and Jake LaSala formed the Middle Village Maspeth Civic Association because of Gallagher's war against the JPCA, you volunteered to become MVMCA president and again couldn't resist taking pot shots at the JPCA leadership while consistently praising Councilman Gallagher.

Now you are proud to serve as VP of the Vietnam War Memorial of the gas tanks park. Strange, I don't remember you attending one meeting while the JPCA led the more than two-year fight to stop the Home Depot from being built there. Nor do I recall you at one protest demonstration. Nor were you next to us during the many late hours when we were passing out flyers & surveys and stuffing envelopes to save the site.

While the JPCA was doing that you were busy serving as the master of ceremonies at Gallagher's fundraisers. So when Gallagher needs someone to say great things about him at fundraisers he calls on you. When Gallagher needs a hit letter in the local papers bashing lifelong volunteers, you're his man. When Gallagher needs someone to head his phony civic, you're Joey-on-the-spot. Now, when Gallagher someone to serve on the Veterans Committee, you're first in line.

You, Joe Cimino, should be the last person considered. In that bobblehead letter, you were quick to criticize JPCA's efforts on the Gas Tanks fight saying Gallagher did everything. That's a boldface lie. But that's what we have come to expect from Joseph Cimino, the official Gallagher political hitman.

A much more honest choice for VP of the Veterans Committee would be Tony Nunziato. He helped lead the fight to save the gas tanks site. He lost his older brother in Vietnam fighting for our country. He has served over 15 years in the community on community board 5, Maspeth Town Hall, Maspeth Kiwanis, Lions, JPCA, etc., etc., organizations too numerous to list. He more than earned the right. You, Joe Cimino, earned the political appointment by acting as Gallagher's personal political hack, nothing more.

Joe Cimino, the people of Middle Village and Maspeth know what the JPCA has done to enhance the quality of life of our communities. And nothing you or the abusive councilman, Dennis Gallagher can say or do will change that.

Anonymous said...

Joe Cimino is president of the MVMCA? The civic that allows members to post porn ads on their message board?

Anonymous said...

I noticed that, too. I guess they haven't been checking their site lately, they've been too busy putting together a phony attack blog.

Anonymous said...

I bet those porn ads are from Gallagher. We know he likes to sell the stuff out of Catholic high schools.

Joe Cimino said...

Dear Lorraine - I want to commend you for being possibly the first and only Executive Member of the JPCA to actually submit a comment using your real name. I am quite sincere when I say that you are an honorable person.

I would like to just take a moment to provide you with some accurate information.

I resigned from Community Board 5 prior to fulfilling my two-year term because I was promoted to the rank of Deputy Chief and assigned as the commanding officer of the Kings County District Attorney's Office Narcotics Division. This promotion did not afford me the time or flexibility to attend to some of my CB5 responsibilities, i.e. attending both my assigned committee meetings and the monthly general meeting. I believed both then and now, that the needs of the community would be better served if someone who had the time necessary to dedicate was appointed in my stead.

I resigned from the Executive Committee of the JPCA because I realized that differing opinions and ideas were not tolerated. Even back then, everyone either marched lock-step with Bob or weren't allowed to march at all.

I was Dennis Gallagher's friend long before he was elected to the City Council and will continue to be his friend long after his Council tenure ends due to term limits. I consider friendship and loyalty to be almost synonymous and watching as anonymous and pseudo-named cowards attempt to viciously malign him only strengthens this friendship.

One can not lead if one is a coward. Since Tony hides in the shadow anonymity, or possibly under the pseudo name of "Hooper" (he writes like he speaks - not very smart for someone who needs to take refuge in the safety of anonymity) he has proven that he does not possess the courage or conviction to truly be a leader. Besides, I find it difficult to understand how he stood idly by as the JPCA fought against allowing the Vietnam Moving Wall into Juniper Valley Park.

As for the rest, at least we can agree to disagree.

Queens Crapper said...

You are perpetrating a lie, and you know it, Mr. Cimino. Councilman Gallagher, your good friend, himself said in this article that the JPCA never opposed the memorial in Juniper Park. Stop the negative campaign on behalf of Gallagher. The community is sick of this.

The real reason that this is going on has nothing to do with Vietnam Veterans, or the locked ballfields at Juniper Park or anything else that Pinky likes to dredge up. It has to do with the fact that Dennis ran polls to see how popular Tony and Bob are in the community, and their numbers were a lot higher than his. Since Pinky feels threatened by this, he's waging war against them and anyone they are close with.

How can YOU stand idly by while Councilman Gallagher wages his ruthless war against innocent people? You have proven that you do not possess the courage or conviction to truly be a leader.

And Hooper is not Tony Nunziato. Hooper doesn't even live in Maspeth or Middle Village! Obviously, detective work is not your forte.

hooper said...

I find it amusing that people think they know who I am. As in most other things you do, Joe, you have no clue.

You will be judged by the company you keep. Those who support someone like Gallagher discredit themselves. Those who blindly follow a corrupt and disturbed man down a path of self-destruction will damage their own reputations. You would be wise to chose your friends more carefully.

Furthermore, I am not Tony, Bob, Ed, Lorraine or any other JCPA member and I don't know any of these people. But anyone who holds a piece of garbage like Gallagher accountable is ok with me.

If you think what I write does not sound intelligent, try proof reading some of your own intellectual diarrhea for a change.

Hooper said...

Also, Joe, I find it amusing that you come here and whine like a 5 year old about people remaining anonymous.

Check out a website called and go to the forum for some truely nasty and very poorly written anonymous rants.

How does the president of such an organization allow this to go on? I think a true patriot like yourself should call him out.

Can you spell hypocrite?

a real Vet said...


Did you fight in Vietnam? I don't remember reading about that in your Star of Queens feature a while back.

I hope Mr. Toro and other real vets are making the decisions about the memorial. Any input from politicians or their stooges would be appalling and unacceptable.