Friday, May 4, 2007

New construction codes unveiled

Mayor Bloomberg and DOB Commissioner Patricia Lancaster announced the completion of the first proposed overhaul to the building code since 1968 yesterday.

You can read the Proposed Construction Code Chapters or watch video of the press conference in dial-up or broadband.

From the papers:

Bloomberg Outlines Plan to Rewrite City’s Construction Codes

Bloomberg Unveils Building Code

City eyes new building code

NYC building code gets first major update since 1968


Building code overhaul

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Anonymous said...

It is pointless, unless it is enforced. That hasn't happened so far.

Anonymous said...

If you expect the movie "The Enforcer"!

Don't expect it from DOB.

They take their marching orders from the builders and those crooked politicians (yet to be unmasked)!

Bloomie Sucks said...

They keep coming up with new regulations and laws without any additional funds for enforcement.

Bloomberg keeps shoveling his BS to keep the masses thinking he's actually doing something.

The man has turned his back on the middle class of NYC.

Anonymous said...

Notice how they are all smirking in the photo. That's what you look like when you screwed the middle class. We should all remember that look. Take a good look at the photo.