Wednesday, May 16, 2007

New bridge may sink business

Karp is one of as many as 30 Queens and Brooklyn businesses on the chopping block as the state Department of Transportation decides whether to rehabilitate or replace the deteriorating, traffic-snarled Kosciuszko, which carries the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway over Newtown Creek between Maspeth, Queens, and Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Much is hanging on bridge

Of the six project alternatives currently on the table, only one would keep Karp from being condemned - a so-called "no-build" alternative. Karp will learn its fate this summer - when DOT selects a final plan - but its future would still remain in jeopardy.

As an integrated manufacturer that makes all its products to order using an assembly line manned by over 100 workers, the firm will go belly up if it closes for more than a week. It needs at least three years - and suitable compensation - so it can establish a parallel operation before its factory is acquired...

Eminent domain proceedings would start in 2009 with new bridge construction starting in 2011, not giving the company enough time to set up a parallel operation.

Photo from NY Daily News


Anonymous said...

C'mon the bridge is a menace that causes incredible pollution & traffic jams. Relocate these guys and get on with building the new bridge.

Kwitko said...

We're moving, we just don't know where yet. The city's been a big non-help, and there isn't a land owner who's willing to part with industrial property, since they all want their property converted to condos.

It's all about the almighty dollar. Nobody cares anymore if manufacturing remains in the city.