Saturday, May 12, 2007

LIRR ridership increase

The LIRR is seeing more people riding during off-peak hours and in the reverse direction:

Growing Numbers on L.I.R.R. Ride Against Commuter Tide

Reverse Commuting Way Up On LIRR

And soon we'll be able to get to Grand Central by taking the LIRR:

MTA to extend LIRR, No. 7 train line by '13

Photo from NY Times


Anonymous said...

With my newly acquired 1/2 fare senior pass....I'm using the LIRR from East Flushing almost exclusively now.

Penn Station is "....only 23 minutes from Broadway....think of the changes it brings......oh the short time it takes....what a difference it makes...."!

Thank you George M. Cohan, for allowing me to employ your song lyrics!

Who the hell wants to board the always crowded #7 at that filthy, stinking and congested downtown Flushing transportation hub?

Anonymous said...

Would it not be nice if someone would put together a proposal for a comprehenisve transportation network for NYC that would make congestion pricing a meaningful alternative?

Now put togther a proposal that would embrace an increase of a million.

Now put a price tag on proposal one and two.

Now where is Queens Civic Congress to push this?

Oh yes, lest make sure the public knows who is going to pay for it all, too!

Anonymous said...

Why don't they have a 'developer' tax, so it you put up a project, you have to 'buy' so many subway seats, school desks, hospital beds, firemen, etc.