Monday, May 14, 2007

Lawmakers seek $1M increase for LPC

With development booming across New York City, preservation groups are seeking a $1 million increase to the city's Landmark Preservation Commission's 2008 operating budget.

Preservation Groups Seek $1M Budget Increase

Last year, City Council members Jessica Lappin of Manhattan, Tony Avella of Queens, and Diana Reyna of Brooklyn sponsored a one-time $250,000 increase to the Commission's budget.

At the rally yesterday, Ms. Lappin said Mayor Bloomberg should make the $250,000 increase permanent and add another $750,000 to the operating budget.

Photo of Jessica Lappin from Gotham Gazette

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Anonymous said...

I'm sure that the first thing that the LPC will do with the increased funding is to hire more PR staff to tell the public what a great job they're doing!