Sunday, May 6, 2007

Jamaica realignment plans

The Queens Tribune explains 2 plans for the Jamaica transit hub that have garnered the support of the local community board:

Massive Rezone Plan Gets Mixed Reviews

The $45 million project at Station Plaza includes the widening and realignment of Archer Avenue between 144th and 147th Places, and the establishment of a new public plaza, concession and open, green spaces. These improvements, McKnight said, would greatly benefit pedestrians and drivers in that they would spur retail and commercial growth in a comfortable, spacious environment.

But there is a catch: property acquisition is required. According to McKnight, six private properties and two MTA properties would be needed to proceed with the project.

Similarly, the $26 million Atlantic Avenue Extension project would require the acquisition of two private properties, one City-owned and another belonging to the LIRR. But the rejuvenation of the area appears worthwhile, according to the EDC.

Community Board 12 supported these two plans last month, with 34 of 39 and 27 of 39 board members voting in favor of the Station Plaza and Atlantic Avenue Extension plans, respectively. The board voted 19-13 against the controversial Jamaica Rezoning Plan, citing concerns of lacking infrastructure, increased traffic and congestion, and inappropriate development.

It sounds as though the community is opposed to the rezoning but in favor of infrastructure improvements. So the headline of this article is a bit misleading.

Map from Google.

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Anonymous said...

Of course the headlines are misleading.....typical of a (covert) "racist urban renewal" agenda type of program that this Ackerman rag would favor.

Some of the influential "White fathers/businessmen" in Jamaica have long been looking for a "final solution" at "upgrading" (removing "certain" population figure out which) from Jamaica!

It's funny how many of the "redevelopment" projects throughout our city i.e. The Atlantic Yards, Lower East Side etc. projects have one thing in common.....THE DISPLACEMENT OF PEOPLE OF COLOR !!!!!