Saturday, May 5, 2007

High-class gambling may come to Queens

Lawmakers are considering a move that might save tens of thousands of Queens' fixed income senior citizens mileage on their cars:

Resort Hotel Eyed For Aqueduct

Remember during the Giuliani administration when there was a big crackdown on the Sheepshead Bay boat that brought people out into the high seas to gamble? Well, apparently times have changed. Here's a press release from Sen. Sabini's office (from the Queens Times):

Photo from the Queens Chronicle


mazeartist said...

Local homeowners will kill this project. Queens is where ambitious projects go ot die. Only a Queens Crap project has a chance of being built. Projects that would actually benefit the bourough remain stalled.

Anonymous said...

We've already gambled too much on the future of Queens.
What guarantee is there going to be that proceeds from a mega gambling complex will go to help seniors etc. ?

Remember.......the New York State Lottery was set up , supposedly, to benefit education.

Judging from the poor state of our school system it has failed miserably!

This city has already proven it cares little for a group of people who are getting closer to the grave as each day passes!

nym9 said...

mazeartist, theres over a billion dollars in development coming to queens in the next three years.

And thats not including CitiField.

Before this project gets killed, they should really count the billions in lost revenue going to Atlantic City and Connecticut.

Anonymous said...

We've heard that same tired old argument before "nym9"! It's not a cure-all!

Maybe those states have something else better to better standard of living and quality of life that's rapidly vanishing in Queens!

Maybe if NYC wanted to successfully compete with NJ & Conn. we shouldn't have let all our manufacturing jobs etc. leave !

Now all we seem to have left is a stage set "Disney/New York City World" attraction to lure tourists $$$$$$$$$$.Where's our financial diversity that would be considered healthy in any investor's portfolio?

Casino gambling (you're kidding) has got to be our last minute, desperate answer to make up the city's fleeing businesses' $$$$$$$$$!

This is what comes of City Planning's failure at sound long range planning! Now we've got to eat the bitter results!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love gambling online and I think that everyone should have the right to gamble from the comfort of their own homes as long as safeguards are in place to protect against underage and problem gambling.