Thursday, May 10, 2007

Gateway most polluted national park

Now here's a proud distinction:

Pollution earns city park nation's lowest rank

According to the study, Gateway Park is surrounded by polluted water, has suffered a huge loss of native wildlife and has been contaminated by toxic runoff.

The group found water clogged with untreated sewage, floating garbage and industrial waste.

Those pollutants, paired with lack of funding over the years and the ill effects of an ever-expanding urban neighbor, have damaged the ecosystem and resulted in next to no services for visitors, the report said.

Update 5/17/07:

Study rates Gateway as worst park

Gateway Park: worst of them all

In other Gateway news, a brush fire burned 10 acres in Howard Beach last week:

10 Acres Torched By 3-Alarm Brush Fire


Anonymous said...

NYC government has got to learn to grow a heart!

Our system is presently too skewed to benefit developers at the expense of quality of life issues for its all 5 boroughs.

The dead wildlife (pictured) that washes up on our polluted shores may become a portent of things to come!

Last night a TV news flash announced that "PERC" (cleaning fluid used by dry cleaners and auto repair shops) has contaminated drinking water in the Hollis/Jamaica area of Queens.

We're "reassured" that the amount is minor and doesn't pose a health hazzard but DEP is trying to determine the source. H-m-m-m-m-m-m!

Anonymous said...

riis park has been filthy since i was a kid. i don't really think developers are to blame for this one. i think it's more a function of a huge amount of users and a lack of concern by govt to keep it clean.

Anonymous said...

Sorry.... government is the gatekeeper (literally, in this case) and they've failed to adequately maintain their fiduciary responsibility!