Sunday, May 13, 2007

Comrie tries to stick fork in foreclosures

“Lenders creep into our communities, financed by the banks that won’t even set up shop in those same communities, and they make loans with no regard as to whether borrowers can actually pay them off,” said Comrie.

Comrie seeks to reduce foreclosures

“These brokers cast themselves as friends of the neighborhood but they’re actually out to destroy our communities - pressuring the uninformed and the vulnerable into dead-end mortgages that are increasingly ending in foreclosure,” said Comrie.

“Some of these brokers are so unscrupulous that they are holding foreclosure prevention classes in the community, under the guise of helping people, when they are actually just suckering them in for another scam.”

Photo from NY Press


Anonymous said...

Comrie is one of the few Council Members who actually care.

Anonymous said...

Kick these predatory mortgage brokers in the ass!

They're worse that those credit card crooks!

daug said...