Tuesday, May 15, 2007

City restoring Pavillion's Texaco map

Dottie: We're catching a lot of flack for the condition of Flushing Meadows. We should do something to make it look like we give a damn.

Adrian: I know, let's remove the Texaco map from the Pavillion* and fix it up but leave the rest of it a rusting heap!

Dottie: Great idea, why didn't I think of that?

Adrian: That's why I make the big bucks, Dot.

Reassembling History At New York Pavilion

*Maybe someone can explain why the word "pavilion" was spelled "pavillion" in the mosaic. That's why we spelled it that way in this post.

Photo from NYWF64.com


verdi said...

I'm for replacing it with the "Map of Corruption" featuring our our borough presidents.....past and present....with Donald Manes' likeness smack in the center of the composition.....surrounded by cameos of Shulman, etc.

Benepe could be featured somewhere in the background unleashing a vicious dog for a run and poop in the park.

And of course Cooper....depicted as a female "Jabba the Hutt" wielding a scepter in the form of twisted graft money capped by the Unisphere!

Let's submit it to the Arts Commission!

Anonymous said...

To little to late Every Texico Star, all of Manhatten and Queens is gone (removed by vandels) from that map.

The plywood backing of the 4X8 panals Is disintegrated they weigh 400 pounds I doubt they will get them out without destroying them.
---We will see, hope for the best

Taxpayer said...

Until now, it was my impression that Lewandowski was the brains behind this pair, Benepe and Dottie.

Now what's clear is that both have their brains in each other's behind.

Time for a dual cranialrectumy you lovable pair!

World's Fair said...

"Until now, it was my impression that Lewandowski was the brains behind this pair, Benepe and Dottie."

Are you kidding? Lewandumbski doesn't have a clue how to run Queens County parks.

grvsmth said...

The Pavilion was the location for this video by They Might Be Giants.

Sad to see it in such bad condition.