Sunday, May 6, 2007

Caption this photo

Since DOB's system seems to be off-line, the Crapper was unable to look up the info on what was planned to be today's pile of Queens Crap. Therefore, our midnight post will consist of this photo of a yard fronting Francis Lewis Boulevard. There's an interesting collection of crap here representing different modes of transportation with a few construction components thrown in. You are welcome to comment or suggest a caption.


Joe M. said...

How about:

"Sailing, sailing somewhere east of Main, Where many a crappy house shall grow 'til Bloomie goes away!"

verdi said...

How about....."Noah's New Ark" or "Prepared For The Flooding" or "Global Warming Life Boat"!

The ship's figurehead statue and bathroom sink give me a "sinking feeling" that this neighborhood lies in a flood plain!

NY Zeitgeist said...

"Everything Including the Bathroom Sink".

I wonder if them pallets of bricks are to be used to crappify this house even more?


Lisa S. said...

Maybe Dennis Gallagher could use the boat to escape the Department of Investigation.

How far will I go Dennis? To Queens Boulevard as far away from you as I can get you dirtbag.